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So far it’s been a blast…

Today is my birthday. 36 wonderful years I celebrate today, but the parties started on July 4th. My mother went into labor on July 4th, so I think it’s appropriate that we start celebrating then with fireworks as she probably felt them then too!

My parents had us over for a great night of home-made Japanese cuisine, and a truck load of fireworks to shoot off afterwards. It was my son’s first time to take an active role in lighting the small fountains or sparklers, as in years past…he’d been too afraid. I think the big ones that my dad would light, that lit the entire night’s sky, still scared him though. This is not him in the pic (up above) by the way…for fireworks like these, he’d either be wrapped around me on our blanket…or running off screaming, “run for your lives!” I think after a while he got the hang of it.

My sister and husband go every July to a huge fireworks stand, where my sister happens to know the owner. They get a professional set up for a friends and family discount. My birthdays are always quite impressive when we have a 4th that overlaps a weekend. My son has always thought that we shoot fireworks for mommy’s birthday. This is the first year he gets that our country’s independence has something to do with it. 🙂

My mom is so pretty. Thought I’d just throw that in there.

Last night we had a party at my house and had about 15 people over to play our new Wii. We partied like it was 2099 pot luck style. My husband and I cleaned house from 9 am to 6 pm non stop to make sure every little detail was taken care of. With the exception of my kitchen being half painted,half stripped of wall paper…I think it was beautiful. I had to point out the before and ‘almost’ after in my kitchen, so people wouldn’t wonder why it was half way done. I can’t wait to have it completely finished so I can start on my next project!  See the 4 layers of wallpaper  that I’m in agony stripping chunk by chunk.  The purple paint on the wall below is the paint that I’m re-doing in it’s place.  It will have a whole new feel to it .

Today my son sang me the sweetest version of Happy Birthday, that brought tears to my eyes. Just to have him in my life, and get a huge hug while being told I’m the prettiest birthday girl…is such a gift. Afterwards we left to teach children’s church. I saw many parents I’ve not been around in a while. It was good to catch up with people I enjoy being around. That in itself is a huge blessing. And of course my son was handing my business card out to some of them, which I always appreciate. Tonight I have dinner with my in-laws and can’t wait to have the rest of my birthday weekend extravaganza!

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Woke up

After these all night and morning,

we woke up to a few surprises.
Surprise # 1:

but I chose to focus on Surprise # 2:

Then I called the cops…
This is what I get for living near Hud housing with kids that are out for the summer, roaming neighborhoods looking for trouble.

Our neighborhood gets vandalized weekly and the police are so understaffed that they can’t do anything. So my husband and I have decided to get a infrared camera to post under the eaves of our home, to catch the little buggars who feel they can egg our cars, write bad words or obscene gestures on our driveways, race down our streets/through our yards, and bash and uproot our mailboxes. Maybe then the police can do something.

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Good Day

Does anyone else feel Spring in the air? YAAAAAY it’s the first day of Spring and I’m soooo happy. I feel that today is the first day of a lot of rebirth and growth in my life.

It’s funny how a little breeze with a warm sun can make you feel so full of life. These are the days that I am so thankful to God for. Even though I know each day, whether warm or dreary, are days to be thankful for….secretly these nice days are the ones I revel in.

My spirit is at peace today with the wind howling through the buildings and trees. I’m serene when I hear birds chirping in the sky, as long as none of them poop on me! Seeing kids out with their families in play is such a sign of good times ahead. It’s so depressing to see no activity outside, because everyone’s stuck indoors…..but NOT today! Can I say YAY again?

Now I get to plan my garden! Anyone else want to leave an AMEN??

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I want Spring

Yahoo reports that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow…aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am so chilled this winter and it’s not like we’ve had a horrible winter either. It’s been unusually warm with highs of 59 degrees or as low as in the 30’s. Still 30’s aren’t bad considering other parts of the country or world are 30 below zero, like Canada, where Coach Sauter is from.

Blazer’s Hockey Coach Sauter, interviewed in the Oklahoman Newspaper today, said this about the weather he’s experienced:

JC: So, what’s the coldest you’ve ever been?

DS: I remember one year around Christmastime, it was 40-below or more for 10 days in a row. Unfortunately one of our young cows … got stuck inside the bale feeder, and she froze perfectly solid.The only way we could get her out of there after the cold snap was my brother chainsawed her in two.

My husband who read this at the kitchen table this morning, busted out laughing. I knew in few seconds I’d get play by play commentary on what he was reading. And sure enough he told me about Coach Sauter’s childhood experience, watching his brother saw a cow in half due to freezing temperatures. He couldn’t stop laughing and blurted out, “That’s awesome!” Then he saw our son and remembered a four year old may not think it was so funny, so he quickly added in a voice that tried sounding caring…but couldn’t quit accomplish it through his laughter, “Poor cow!” He continued to giggle to himself.

My husband’s humor always amazes me. His story definitely put the weather in perspective though. Okay so 6 more weeks of winter….aaaargh! I’m ready for beaches, warm breezes, sunlight streaming through my windows, and color exploding through my gardens and world. Spring is obviously my favorite time, even with the threat of tornado season, but I’m going to have to find things I like about winter to last me the duration of this season.

Things I like:

–I love to wear my winter white soft fuzzy scarf, hat, and gloves

–The sunrise over the snow first thing in the morning


–hot chocolate

AAaaand, that’s about it. Anyone out there have any more pluses for winter so I can cure my winter blues?

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After a little hard work

I posted a blog about our lack of curb appeal a while back, showing some pics of our lovely (not) bushes in front of our home. I just wanted to give an update and show you our updated look.  Our home has been repainted, and my hard working husband has toiled his summer away between all the rains to get our landscaping done.

Unfortunately the rains gave us no time left to plant anything for summer, except for a few hardy plants, so come fall I’ll be planting some more.

If you clicked to the last blog, you’ll see a vast difference in our curb appeal.  Yeah!  I’m loving my home again.

All that’s left now is to paint the entry way by the middle of next month.  First I have to finish stripping the wall paper though.  It’s a daunting task with 2 layers of wallpaper from the 1980’s…UGH, and it’s a serious strain to get off.

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Before and After

We’re trying to improve our curb appeal as inexpensively as possible. We want to sell our home in a few years, and by then we’re relying on faith that I’ll have the income needed to build our next house. We moved into this one in a matter of a days.

My husband and I lived in a rental property after we were married. Unfortunately for us it became a sick house, full of mold that made my husband deathly ill. One key sign was the green gunk that began pouring out of our old pug’s eye sockets, when he’d sit over the floor vents to cool off.

The mold had saturated the vent system through out the entire place. There was a crack in the foundation, which water leaked into one winter. When the heat came one…it boiled it up and it became mold soup, as I refer to it. By the summer it had grown and multiplied. Our dog’s gunky eye balls became our first clue that something was wrong. My husband’s near death health was the next.

Our landlord refused to fix the foundation and clean up the mold problem. By October, we had no choice but to move and move quick. My husband wouldn’t survive the winter in a house, where the heat was essentially cooking the mold. We got pre-qualified in a day. The market was very slim, and we had few choices. Thankfully my dad is a realtor, and he knew the in’s and out’s of the system. He found the best of the best out there, for what we could afford…which wasn’t much. We found our new home in a week, and moved in quickly.

It was as if God had it held out there, waiting for us. The previous owners already had an offer on it, but we gave them the asking price…which happened to be exactly what we were pre-qualified for. Again…another blessing. The house was in immaculate condition. You know you’ve got a good one, when you look through the garage and the owner has his tools and power equipment spotless, organized, and labeled.

Although thankful for this home, it’s not the house of my dreams. As a newly wed, when you’re supposed to be discovering the beauty of the relationship…..I was dealing with the ‘in sickness’ part of my vows way to early. Having to help him recover didn’t leave me much energy to pour into decorating inside or out. I was too overwhelmed to even think about it. Then we got pregnant and most out there now how that takes all your effort and energy…it did mine for 3 1/2 years.

Not that the house needed much. It was decorated well inside. It’s just not my taste. The outside however has lots to be desired, so we’re finally at the point to take care of it. We got some border stones for free, from a family member who was going to toss his if he couldn’t get someone to haul them off for him. We gladly volunteered. They’re nice heavy white stones, that are squared like bricks and textured.

My mom bought a lot of plants for my birthday present 2 weeks early. She only brought over 1/2 of them. The ground cover is to come. I plan on doing a lot of landscaping…bit by bit.



The border stones are almost finished. We still have a few more flowers/plants to put in. It’s a little after season, but it’s been so wet and cool that it’ll still be okay. We also have to put mulch in as well.  Now you can see my home!AFTER