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Random Questions

Do you think people are aware, that wear things like this, that it’s not flattering?

Something tells me she’s seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and thinks every pair looks good on every woman.

I know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fits every size. This woman is not overweight!! Infact her curves would look quite nice in the right pair, but don’t you think when you put a pair on and skin falls over the edge of the waist … you’d know it’s not the right pair?

Ladies tell me — what guide system do you use when shopping for a pair of jeans? How do you know it’s the right fit? How do you know when to put the tight low riders down and walk away?

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My favorites

From time to time I list a few of my favorites on here. It’s been a while, and so I think it’s long overdue. Although on my budget, there are a few things I still find a way to fork the cash over for….or beg my family to remember on holidays or birthdays. These are a few of my favorite things. If you’ve not tried them…you should.


Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss is always a must. I prefer the chocolate flavor, but couldn’t find a picture of it. Any flavor will do as they all really taste soooo yummy. They are long lasting and smooth. They don’t get tacky as a lot of lip glosses do. And they’re light and I think a little sexy….hence it being from Victoria’s Secret.

Photobucket  Merle Norman Concealer is the ultimate in covering or camouflaging uneven skin and dark skin.  I’ve lived my whole life trying different concealers, and feeling extremely unhappy with the results.  My dark circles were never what some would look at and say they were really noticeable.  BUT I noticed them!  I’m a young woman of 35 (36 soon) and didn’t want to deal with my under eye area anymore.  I went bare for a few years, until I stopped in my mom’s local Merle Norman shop on a whim.  I asked her if she could help and did she ever.  This stuff is an amazing tool.   You’ll need to apply it with their concealer brush.  She also recommended covering up the sides of my nose, at the bridge area.  This is amazing stuff!PhotobucketTheir slogan is true…this is my best friend as far as make-up goes.  This is the one I use, and it’s got so many shades that shimmer and slide on evenly.  They can be as translucent or as heavy as you want them to be.  I’m more on the tame side of things, as I’m not a teenager anymore…but I love a little sass when it comes to glam.   This is a must when it comes to drawing attention either subtly or dramatically to one of our best features…our eyes!  The eyes definitely have it with this product.

For those of you who know me, you know I’m the furthest thing from high maintenance when it comes to out ward appearances.  It doesn’t take me but 30-45 minutes to get ready.  I’m what you would call a natural girl, but one who knows how to fix up.  These are my essentials for the day, so I thought I’d share them with  you.  They’re worth every penny!

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a few of my favorite things…

From time to time, I catch on to a few great items. When I find something I like, I always promote it…wether it be my new favorite restaurant or store or item of choice.

I think it’s always beneficial to pass things like this on, so others can benefit from my experiences. So I thought I would pass on a few of my favorite things to you all.

First, I’m an Arbonne girl. I love the way it makes my skin feel and look, which is due to their great RE9 system.re9

My mom had an extreme allergic reaction to Mary Kay in the early years after they started up their company. Afterwards, Merle Norman was her brand of choice for close to 60 years…well until 3 years ago. Once she tried Arbonne’s RE9 skin care, she was a goner! Her wrinkles decreased, her pores became smaller, and her skin felt softer than it had in years. This is due to their nano-technology. It delivers exactly what your skin needs. So no matter if you have dry skin, or oily, or both….it recognizes it and provides what your skin needs to nourish it completely. It’s an amazing product.

I myself am in love with their mineral powder. mineral powder I have always had issues with foundation or base, what ever you choose to call it. It never covered the way it should and I always had to blend it in along my jaw line. Arbonne’s mineral powder is a perfect cover to make my skin glow and look natural, yet it covers where it needs with out being heavy. I LOVE THIS! It is my absolute favorite thing!!!

My next favorite item is Jessie’s Girl Makeup ‘eye lights’. They are supposed to be used as eyeshadow. They’re wands stuck in a glitter gel that gives a dramatic look. They promote the they’re not your mother’s make-up. I’m old enough that I don’t feel the need to be that dramatic with my eyes, but have always had a talent for the art of make-up. I can draw someone’s eye’s out by adding a little color or flair. So this product, although supposed to be used as eyeshadow, is something I use as a liner below my eyes. eyelights There are an array of bold colors to choose from, however I use the lightest color they have and barely swab the applicator under my eyelashes. I apply it at my lash line, on the bottom of my eye, at the iris out toward the edge of my eye. It gives my eyes a little bit of POP, and silly enough…it makes me feel a little sexy throughout the day. It gives me energy, and it is a great way to accent my eyes without drawing too much attention.

My last contribution is from Nature’s Waybrandnatures way
Due to the crazy weather this year, my family has had more than our share of cold bugs. This little magic elixir has helped us recover very quickly. In fact, I was feeling horrible yesterday. My head was pounding, due to sinus pressure, and I had a soar throat. I took two teaspoons of this wonderful little juice, and within hours I was feeling better. The next day my congestion was gone, and my throat didn’t hurt. This concentrated berry juice has done wonders for us.

These are things that have improved my quality of life, so I wanted to pass them along to you. I know I’ve left the guys out, so I will list my husband’s favorite things at a later time….oh wait….that list might be too long.

Hmmm lets see….Pittsburg Steelers, any new electronic gadget, VW Cars, Apple computers, or OU Football. Yeah, that about covers it! LOL!