Under Pressure

Ever have just one of those periods or days, when you feel like there’s something hanging over your head?  It’s almost like pressure pushing down upon you from no known outside source?  Some call that spiritual war fare … some call it stress …

Regardless, I’m going through one of those times where I feel like I could take a very long nap and when awake could eat a bunch of chocolate and curl up on the couch.  It’s my coping mechanism when under pressure.  So when I start feeling this way, I take a deep breathe – get good sleep – and pray, because sleeping it off or eating it away will produce no positive results.

Plus … no matter what is nagging at the corners of my mind – God has this!  He’s aware of what’s hounding me and will not only overcome it but will defeat it.  So, I claim it in faith – I will let go of the pressure and take a step to be free from the binds that start wrapping their way around my heart when stress starts creeping in – God has this.

When you’re under pressure – what are your coping mechanisms?  How about repeating after me … God has this …


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