How long has it been? Testing testing 123

Hey there world…has this thing gone dark? I’m just wondering if anyone ever checks this little ole’ blog anymore. Is it worth reviving?

Leave me a message if you still read …


6 thoughts on “How long has it been? Testing testing 123”

  1. I read it… don’t know you but I was searching something one day and your blog popped up. Started to read some and you sound like an amazing Christian women who’s little posts were a blessing to hear.

    thank you,

  2. Yup. It was released 3 years ago. It’s called ‘Finding Kylie’ by Kimberly McKay. It was printed by a legitimate publisher, but not a very ethical one. I’ve not been paid a dime in 3 years. And contractually, I’m supposed to receive quarterly reports on sales. I’ve received nothing…nada. So as far as new publishers go … they want to see sales numbers to prove your salt in the publishing world. Since I can’t provide that, it’s like starting all over again to get the sequel published.

    It won’t be long though. I’m almost there. So neelloc01 – wait a bit longer. I’ll have some news for you soon.

  3. TotalT – my second book was released in August of 2012. It is called ‘Facing Redemption’. It’s the sequel to Finding Kylie, and I wrote it with enough back-story so those that pick it up – don’t have to read Finding Kylie. (My publisher has yet to send me a dime – so I’d rather everyone not order my first book … only my second.)

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