Through Lifes Storms

I’m trying to post from my iPhone & wondering if it will successfully save. So this is somewhat of a test.

But as to not leave you high and dry, I’ll leave you with two things: a) a picture from tonight’s rain (one night in a million, that it’s been wet outside) and b) a thought…

Sometimes its through the storms that we learn how safe God is and will always be…

I’ve got a few things medically going on & although it’s not the most fun dealing with it—I know has me held safe on the center of this whirlwind I’m in at the moment. And I’m already declaring victory through Jesus’ name that my prognosis will be good!!

God is good ALL the time, and through the storms I learn how much more I love Him and am reassured how much more He loves me.


6 thoughts on “Through Lifes Storms”

  1. That is exactly the kind of thought I needed to be reminded of this week. Thank you.

    I hope that your medical issues can be resolved quickly and as painlessly as possible. I won’t press for what’s going on… you would have said if you were comfortable sharing. Just know I’m praying for you.

    And completely unrelated… I thought you should know that there are at least two more people I know of who have picked up on the Friday Blessings idea and are regularly posting positive thoughts on a weekly basis. This all began with YOU! Congratulations!

  2. Terri, I miss catching up with you. Thank you so much for leaving me a message here. I’m glad there are others, who are on the blessings train as it’s the best one to be on. God is good all the time! Love to you and your family…:)

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