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Friday Blessings

Spring is almost here.  You can feel the warmth creeping in and see the flowers start to barely bloom, as they test wether they can spread their petals wide reaching to bask in the sun.  I don’t know about  you but this winter, although a very busy one, has been a very cold one.  

For some cold dark weather equates to a cold dark spirituality or mental space they feel trapped in.  Sometimes just that little bit of sunshine goodness is all they need to feel hope again.

I know many people like this, who suffer in silence through the winter … not able to see all of God’s goodness even through the cold dark winters in life.  This is why it’s so severely important to count your blessings every single day!  

In times of darkeness, through winter’s cold, during rain or shine, God’s goodness and love for us is always there!  Sometimes we just have our emotional blinders on or too many layers piled on to see or feel His goodness.

Today when I know it’s probably too early for all the redbud trees in my neighborhood to bloom, I’m glad for it’s welcome sight of rebirth.  That tiny boldness of pink represents hope for spring not only for our state but our state of mind.  

So today, like all days, I count my blessings so that even through life’s winters, I have the peace of Jesus’ goodness and love in my heart.  

*My son is turning 6 this month, and every day I know how blessed I am to be his mommy.  This month especially I’m blessed that he’s growing into a fine young man.  They say ‘you are who you are by the time your six’.  Well if he’s at his core personality now, than this world will be blessed by what he’s going to do in God’s name real soon.  My son’s future is bright, and I’m blessed to have had anything to do with it.

*We’ve been sick but are finally on the mend.  I’m blessed just be able to breathe today…and what a day it is.  It’s only 8:45 a.m. and it’s already a warm 53 degrees.  Thank you Lord for blessing this day.

*I’ve been in touch with so many wonderful long lost’s on facebook.  Being a military brat, I moved every two to four years of my life, so I had many sad goodbyes.  The upside I had many wonderful hello’s … but the goodbye’s were mostly final, and held long lost friendships.  Through wonderful technology, like facebook, I’m able to reconnect with so many dear friends, that I’ve always wondered what happened to.  It’s a huge blessing to be friends again and have the simple blessing of being able to pick up a phone to talk to my best friends.

Although we all have winter in life, as seasons keep turning…environmentally and spiritually…we have to keep looking for the blessings.  Because trust me – there are plenty to be found.  

God loves us more than we can possibly imagine, and seeing the blessings and thanking Him for them, sometimes, is the only way to get through it all.  You’d be surprised just how much it helps.


4 thoughts on “Friday Blessings”

  1. You’re so right about the sunshine making a world of difference for some. I am one of them. I get so tired of grey skies and dreariness, it affects so much that I do and feel. But one thing I never get tired of is your reminder to count your blessings. Sometimes I struggle to do so, but it’s ALWAYS worth it in the end.

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