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Ok I admit it…

I’m an entertainment junkie. One of the last commenters, from my last post, got me thinking. What exactly are my vices?

When I was young and a lot wilder, it was having a good time. Now it’s watching other people doing it on TV. Well…not doing ‘it’. LOL! But watching those, who have a blast whether it’s in reality TV or having a blast perfecting their craft.

From the Bachelor to Grey’s Anatomy I have to DVR it to get my fill.

About a year ago, God started tapping my heart…asking me why I was spending so much time with something that wasn’t glorifying Him. It got me thinking – is it some form of Idol worship when you’re spending time in activity that is not promoting your faith? Just how much time should I be dedicating to sucking my brain dry in front of the boob tube? How can I honestly say to my son, “you can only have so much ‘media’ time”, and limit his video games/computer/movie time…when I don’t put limits on me?

Well about a year ago I started trimming the fat so to speak. I stopped recording some shows on the DVR. Instead of all the ABC soaps, I chose to eliminate one of the three. Now I’m up to one and a half. I say that b/c I really enjoy watching ‘General Hospital’, but ‘One Life to Life’ is getting so old and boring that I fast forward through the whole thing. I still see what happens, but don’t have to hear the same character repeating the same old crap. So, now guess what? I’m not going to record it either and move it to the non watching show category along with ‘All My Children’.

There are a few shows I stopped watching in the evening as well. So I’m doing much better in this category, but I’m sure if I let myself admit it, I could really let go of more. The few I can’t let go of at this point? American Idol (even though the name is gets to me – and not in a good way), Bachelor with Jason/Ty, Greys – because of it’s amazing acting and McSteamy, Burn Notice, and LOST.

What are your vices? Has God talked to you about them and have you started to let go of them?


10 thoughts on “Ok I admit it…”

  1. you’re absolutely right…was it me? lol…but you know, i spend so much time between youtube and the blogs just reading and watching makeup…and it’s not like, never too much. And like you…i gotta get my young and the restless fill, i also have a couple of series that i watch esp on the CW, and american idol lol…i’m a singer so…that one is kinda up my street! but you’re right, where do we draw the line? when is enough…actually too much? i don’t spend half that time in my Bible, or doing any form of salvivic activity..i mean it takes a couple of minutes to answer prayer requests from the website i volunteer for…so i’m really glad you were impressed to write this. In the last post you said you hoped i’d come by again, honey your blog is at the top of my list on google reader!! 🙂 take care!!

  2. Can I take a real shot here?! LOL Sunday night was a mental struggle for me – super bowl. I am Not a Sports fanatic – watch some, usually college football – but not that much. I did not watch the super bowl – I went to a choir concert, then went with friends to WENDY’s where we discussed next weeks Sunday School lesson. Had fun and a good time with several from a homeless shelter that mama and I work with. WE try as much to have Christ in our life 24/7 – what we do and what we say. AND we have a blast doing it!

    Mama got your book yesterday! She has two library books to finish and then she will be on it!

  3. I used to watch a lot more TV than I do now but then I started having fun instead of watching others have fun – like you said. I still watch what some might think is a lot but my life isn’t scheduled around my TV shows – except LOST. I do get sucked into some reality shows “Real Housewives” of each city they have, Top Chef, John & Kate plus 8, love decorating shows and then have a few dramas that I watch regularly. I’m sure my list would be longer with the DVR so I’m glad we don’t have one. As it is any show I like to watch I can find on On Demand or online. I’m glad you haven’t stopped watching LOST, I may not be able to talk to you anymore. 😉 BTW, hasn’t this season been great!?!

  4. I don’t watch much network TV, I do like CSI, Monk and Psyche, but find most other shows annoying. We watch lots of cable shows on Speed, Food Network and Discover/History channels. Now, if we are talking about giving up my laptop… ain’t happenin’

  5. mmmm. . . good question. My vices are most certainly TV (particularly Gossip Girl, 90210, Rock of Love, & Grey’s Anatomy), wine, blogging, and the Twilight series.

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