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Friday’s Favorite Blessings


This was my view on my drive to FOX’s studio yesterday. I felt so blessed to see such an amazing view, especially after 4 days of ice and snow. To see the sun again was amazing, and for it to be so beautiful was that and more.

Yesterday’s live interview went very well. I’m waiting for them to send me the broadcast so I can upload it and post it. Apparently it takes 2 weeks. That was a shocker in today’s digital age, but at least I’ll be getting a copy.

This week has been good. I’m finally on an anti-biotic that I think I can take with out a HUGE allergic reaction! Hallelujah! Shout and singing here… After a chronic bladder infection for over two months, with no help in sight, I visited an amazing urologist, who was very capable and pro-active. He prescribed a new antibiotic that I’ve never even heard of, that is in it’s own class … so far it’s working with little to no side effects and no allergic reactions. HUGE people…this is huge for me!

I found out, of course, from my last post you’d already know this … but I found out my humble book is ready for a screen play. After being contacted, by someone who shall remain nameless, I’m starting that as my next project while still getting my sequel done. This is amazing that someone in that industry read, loved, and wants it. It is a blessing 10 fold.

Last night I had a book signing at an Indie book store. With the ice storms that have hit us in Oklahoma pretty hard, I wasn’t sure of the turn out. My evites and verbal conformations had my attendance at possibly up to 35 people. After already having a launch party with 100 people streaming through, I knew 35 would be a great turn out. After all…who could still be left to come?? Overall, it was a pretty decent turn out considering the last four days people were home bound. The book store was happy, and most of my friends and family came to support me.

One of my newer friends, a classroom mommy friend as I call the ones I meet through school, had a funny story for me. She said her husband, who is a cardiologist, entered his exam room to see his patient, who was reading ‘Finding Kylie’. He thought it was cool to be able to point to her book and say, ‘She’s a friend of ours.’ That cracked me up. I love it that my friends are so excited for me. I try not to get too excited as I know it will sound as if I were getting a big ego, which I’m not. I know God has blessed me with every bit of this gift, and I’m completely thankful. BUT when my friends get excited, it revs me up and I know I’m one fortunate girl to have them in my life.


I’m fighting off the flu at the moment, but am blessed to have some time to me today to rest. And that may just be the biggest blessing at the moment. Time for peace and healing. I have a meeting today at 3 pm CST that is an important one, so if you all could be praying for me…I’d appreciate it.

Love to you all!!!


7 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorite Blessings”

  1. love it! love them all! I’m so glad God has placed His healing hands on you and you were able to find some meds that work with your system. I’m praying for the flu to pass (for you and for me πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  2. love the pic….. I have saved it…. I know what you mean, I have been sick all week… went to Dr today… got meds and a shot…. he says it usually runs course in about 7-10 days….

    Glad the Book signing went well…. Oh how I would have loved to have been there…

    much love,


  3. being a Christian makeup loving junkie….i subscribe mostly like 99.7% to beauty blogs…i should’ve known, but never knew that such a blessed blog existed….thanks so much…this will certainly provide much daily hope for me πŸ™‚
    thanks…glad i found it and all the best with ur new anti-b. πŸ™‚ and the book going movie!

  4. Kate and Colleen, hope you’re feeling better soon!
    goodbadugly2 – thank you! I love it too…
    Terri…thank you for always being my cheerleader and friend. Love you dearly.
    Rebecca, glad your weather is moving out. This stuff was too cold for me.
    Charlene, I’m a Christian makeup loving junkie too! And I’m very excited you came by and hope you come back!

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