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Friday Blessings late-ish again

Man I’m not very good about being prompt lately. This week has been wonderful.

God has just given me what I need emotionally and spiritually to dump my slump. It’s nice to be able to rely on Him for all my needs…especially the intangible ones.

How can I not be in a good mood today though when I get messages from readers like this:

“Jesse just found out about Chastity and confronted John. The word “enjoy” is understated – I am planning to buy my niece a copy… this is definitely a book that all young girls should read and everyone else can relate too. Well, I going to get back to Finding Kylie.”

I love that the readers of Finding Kylie are being effected by this story in so many different ways. It’s like each person walks away from it with something different, so far all wonderful stuff, and has fallen in love with the characters. I love that they’re receiving it as I had hoped.

A few film maker friends of mine, one in London, is even chatting up the idea of making it into a film at some point. I won’t hold my breath on that one though…I will wait to see how well the book does first.

It’s rankings have been very well, as well as the reviews. Feel free to go to Amazon to read a few of them.

This week has received a few other small but wonderful blessings. I got a surprise check in the mail this week from a former employer, with money they owed me. It was a great gift from heaven to have that to pay bills with.

My writing has been on fire this week. When writing a book, especially a sequel, sometimes you have your idea in mind…but don’t really know how to give it framework to make it happen. This week God blessed me with so many storyline tid bits to make it all happen. I’m so so so ssoooooo excited to get this all done!

I have a book signing Thursday, at a local indie bookstore. The state paper this week committed to plugging it in their book section, and they said they’d also read my book to review it. I don’t think the review will happen this weekend in time for the signing…but it will happen soon and keep the PR going. That’s a big big blessing.

Next week I’ve got that meeting, that I mentioned in the previous post and will give you an update on next Friday’s Blessings (even if I post it on Saturday). ๐Ÿ™‚

God is good in times of good and bad. We just have to keep loving and thanking Him, no matter what.


So far the response from ‘Finding Kylie’ has been overwhelmingly wonderful, so thank you to those of you, who have read it! And for those that like to read, and haven’t…I won’t be mad if you go buy one too! ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Friday Blessings late-ish again”

  1. What a Blessed week you had…. Keep going… Keep smiling, Keep up the Faith… Great luck on Thurs. I wish I could be there. If by some MIRACLE… I will ….

    much love, your biggest fan,

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