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Off the grid

Okay so maybe some of you I’ve not posted much lately, as I’ve just not felt like it.

Yes, I’ve been in a slump … spiritually, emotionally, physically, and in every sense of the word.

But through prayer and some reality checks, I’ve come to some really great conclusions.

God has a lot in store for me…some exciting things actually. I just had to wait a little…okay a lot…longer than I’d care to in order to hopefully figure it all out.

I have some important meetings coming up that may provide exactly what I need in so many ways. The desired results from next week’s meeting could be the answer to so many issues in our lives at the moment.

So please put us in your prayers, as a family, and for me as an individual.

I thank you in advance and appreciate you all for allowing me some time away from blogging in the last couple of months.

I look forward to catching up with all of you and informing you of some great news soon!!!!

Love to you all —- Kim


9 thoughts on “Off the grid”

  1. Thanks Ter! I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch…but being the good friend you are…I know you’ve noticed! Love you so much for caring and appreciate your prayers.

    Although my plate is very full, it’s all in stride…it’s just kept me too busy. Now I may have found something that will pay me what I’m valued without working for nothing!!

  2. Colleen…thank you sweetie. I am so glad I’m now friends with you too through here. I appreciate your prayers so much! I hope you’re feeling better too…I know you’ve been sick.

  3. you are only one woman. your priorities are your family and you.

    its why i havent been visiting lots of blogs lately. its been chaotic…and ive needed focus. and you know what…i dont feel bad about it anymore. people understand. people are supportive.

    your friends will support you. we love you!

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