faith, faithful fridays

Friday Blessings

Today even my son commented on how fast this week flew.

I didn’t work this week which will not help our finances, but I’m sorting out a minor medical issue so I needed the time off. At the end of the month I’ve got an appointment to see someone that will help me sort it all out. Nothing major, so no need for alarm … but I’m a little tired.

ON a different note so many wonderful things have happened this week.

I’m well rested and have had such quality time with my husband.

We had our first basketball game this last weekend, and my son officially is obsessed with the game. Everything is either Mario Brothers or Basketball. He’s such a boy!

I got some more great reviews on Amazon, from readers who love my book. It’s amazing to go to Amazon and hear what random people think. The rankings slipped to the lowest they’ve been yesterday to 612,000…but still out of 3 millions books…that’s not bad. It’s been as high as 70,000 in rankings. For a new book…new author…with no marketing backing her….I’d say that’s doing alright!

I had two lunches this week…with two friends. I haven’t been to lunch with anyone in a loooong time. I’ve worked while other people had lunch, but haven’t had my own in a while. It was great to catch up with some gal pals of mine that I’d not in quite some time. Having my friends around is something I’ve missed.

I’m still sad without my dog here with me. Putting him to sleep last September was the hardest decision, that I still tear up over. BUT I know he loves me and am able to think about him now without crying. Shedding a few tears is progress. And I’m blessed to have had him so long.

My son has the best teacher on earth. And I’m reminded of it every day when I drop him off or pick him up. It’s huge to feel at peace when he walks in those school doors. What a blessing to know he’s somewhere safe, and with people that care about him and want the best for him. So many teachers are apathetic, and we’re blessed to have one with a big heart and smile.

I hope you’re able to count your blessings. I’m kinda down this week, so I had to really dig deep this week to find them…but they’re always there! God is so good, and reminds me daily how much he loves me.


1 thought on “Friday Blessings”

  1. You’re such an inspiration to me. You were down? I never would have guessed from this post. And I’m sorry I wasn’t available for you. Hugs to you my friend. I will be praying about your medical issue and hope you’re feeling better soon.

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