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It’s the little things…

I was blessed by a new review on Amazon this week from a total stranger. Blessings like these are why I wrote the book — to touch people. Thank you Colleen, from Tulsa.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Totally Awesome, December 22, 2008
By Senior Blogger “Colleen C. Gough” (Tulsa, Ok) – See all my reviews
Finding Kylie

I started this book on a Friday and finished on Saturday. If not for having other things that I had to do, I would and could have sat in one sitting and finished this story.

The author, being one of our Oklahoma gals did a truly, totally AWESOME JOB on this book. You lived the characters; you held your breath for the story to continue to see what comes next. YOU BECAME THE STORY. Kimberly McKay made you feel like you were the people in the book.

This book was easy reading, most relaxing, and VERY ENJOYABLE…. I cannot wait for Kimberly’s next book… You can rest assured I will be first in line to get my copy. I have recommended this book to everyone I meet. I could shout it from the rooftops… It has been sometime since an Author has totally awed me… I will be watching for much more from Kimberly McKay. I have become in just a few short days her #1 fan. We can expect many greats from this Lady. I guarantee it…

Have a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS to each one of you!


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