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Random Questions

Do you think people are aware, that wear things like this, that it’s not flattering?

Something tells me she’s seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and thinks every pair looks good on every woman.

I know how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that fits every size. This woman is not overweight!! Infact her curves would look quite nice in the right pair, but don’t you think when you put a pair on and skin falls over the edge of the waist … you’d know it’s not the right pair?

Ladies tell me — what guide system do you use when shopping for a pair of jeans? How do you know it’s the right fit? How do you know when to put the tight low riders down and walk away?

14 thoughts on “Random Questions”

  1. think you are absolutely correct, in the right pair of pants her curvaceousness would be very flattering. It seems like a lot of people, when they dress, choose trends, what all their friends are wearing, over what works for them. If this girl had better friends they wouldn’t let her dress like that, so I blame her friends for wearing that type of pant better than her, making her want to wear that pant, and not caring enough to let her know it doesn’t work for her.

  2. Ick. I’ve never been a fan of low-riders on myself, because….well, honey gots junk in her trunk.
    So, for me, I generally look for a mid-rise that’s got just a touch of stretch in it to help me out. And I also bend over to make sure I don’t have any gappage going on. 🙂

  3. If I feel the need to yank them out of my… you know… they’re not right. If the waistband causes discomfort, they’re not right. If I can’t bend over without being sure no one can see down my backside, they get put back. Comfort is the key for me.

  4. I totally agree! Even girls who are skinny with barely any fat wear pants like this and end up looking fat! I don’t get it! Why would you want to make yourself look fat when you’re not??

  5. So I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that some fashions are crimes to the human population. If it hurts (my eyes or your waist size) … if it cuts or shows rolls … please don’t do it!

    And Papa … You’re cracking me up!

  6. papa! so funny!

    i had a friend buy me a pair of 100 dollar jeans last year. the best things ever!

    on my own…i usually buy them a little too big. i hate tight clothes. i feel tubby in them.

  7. I follow Clinton & Stacey and Tim Gunn on the rules of shopping for jeans…and just about anything else. If anyone knows how to get me shopping with them, share please! Anyhow, there are a few rules.

    * To downplay curves wear dark denim
    * If you don’t want to draw attention to the junk in your trunk don’t wear jeans with embellishments on the rear pockets
    * Wearing straight leg jeans creates a longer silhouette
    * Wearing tapered jeans (if you’re top heavy) will only make you look wider
    * Buy jeans that fit the widest part of you (hips, thighs, rear, waist) and have the rest altered to fit
    * Have a pair of jeans to wear with heels and a pair to wear with flats – this avoids flooding or having to fold your pant legs
    * Quality trumps quantity

  8. Gloria V’s–totally forgot about those speedy! Man we’re old! I used to love those!

    Rebecca and Kate…great rules to live by when buying jeans. I only have two pair. And they’re more comfortable than any sweat pants on earth, while still being stylish. It just takes time to find that right pair. BUT it’s important to keep looking for the perfit fit, vs. the fit that you think are ‘the in’ pair to buy.

  9. To paraphrase a la “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”:

    “Jeans? Jeans? We don’t need no stinkin’ jeans!”

    Or at least the kind of “fit” featured in the photo.

  10. The image of the “perfect woman” presented to the world by the media is not at all what most people really consider to be attractive. Most of the guys I know would rather date a woman who looks “healthy” rather than one that looks like a runway model.

    God gave women a wonderfully beautiful shape, and the false assumption being promoted by the media that only rail-thin women are attractive is a travesty. The problem is a lot of teenage girls and younger women buy into this false notion of beauty – and dress accordingly.

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