#1 fan

bookssnuToday my University had their first ever Alumni Book Signing Event, during Homecoming weekend. I was honored to be asked to attend. They even bought a book from me to put in the library.

When my husband saw them take a book for their collection, he popped out with, “How cool will it be for our son to go to college here, and then know his mom’s book is in his library? He’ll be able to read your book whenever he wants.”

How cool is it that my work is here forever? The impact of how big that is just hit me today. My little boy who’s so proud of me now, can one day read this adult book and … hopefully still be proud of me. It will be a very different time in his life, and hopefully the book, which addresses and encompasses so much, will still be very personal and important for him. He doesn’t know the storyline now and doesn’t need to as it’s too big for him now. Right now all he needs to know is that he’s his mommy’s #1 fan.

All in all the signing went very well. There wasn’t much foot traffic. They had 17 authors on hand, of which I was the youngest of all the alumni. I sold enough to walk away pleased, knowing the big book event is still to come.

One thing to ask of you all … my son woke up today not being able to walk on his right leg. He’s still hobbling or crawling out of pain when he puts pressure on his leg. He’s not one to ever be dramatic or have pain, so I know it’s a legitimate issue for him. I pray it’s only growing pains. If you could, please pray for him today so that he quickly returns to normal.

Thanks to you all! Have a great day and thanks for praying for my #1 fan!


8 thoughts on “#1 fan”

  1. I get to your blog through my sister Kiki’s blog and saw the note about your son. I had a friend whose daughter woke up with a similiar thing and the doctor told her that a cold had settled in her leg and it would be fine. I wouldn’t worry as long as he starts putting pressure on it by the end of the weekend. I will say a prayer though! And how cool is it that you had a book published.

  2. I read you book in one sitting. It was wonderful. I could not read it fast enough and want to know more about Chastity and what happens in her life. Congrats on a winner!

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