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Friday’s thoughts and blessings

photo-49 As I drove my son to school today I had to wear his little kid sunglasses, as I can’t find mine. I looked like a big dork, with my hair band and mini glasses, and all I could think about is how happy I am.

Listening to my son’s sweet singing, about his hot wheels race car racing on the car door track, coming from the back seat, and seeing how beautiful this fall is…all I know is the peace God has given me in my heart.

We’re broke, borderline really broke.
My President isn’t who I voted for, but I support him just the same as I respect anyone who makes it into office (as everyone should).

BUT all of that will be exactly as it should, as I have faith in the Lord to keep me exactly in the center of his will … where I am safe in his arms. I know me and my family have everlasting life and that my friends is the big picture. The rest of this world will pass away, and all I can do is my very best in my mini-me sunglasses and almost running on empty car.

So these are the things I rejoice in in this day, Friday, that the Lord has made.

*My son takes my book everywhere with him…to his room, in the car, around the house. He’s so proud of me and it’s such a wonderful memory for me to see him love me so much.

*My parents and sister/brother in law are in Hawaii having the time of their life. I’m blessed they have this bonding time and are making special memories of their own. I wish I could afford to go, but am blessed they’re together.

*I miss my doggie everyday since he’s passed early this fall, but am so blessed to have had such a faithful companion for 14 full years. He was one in a million.

*God’s love is in my heart and I’m so glad he’s working on me. I am stressed about our finances, but I can’t serve to gods…only one! I have turned my stressful thoughts over to him, and continue to work hard. All I can do is be thankful He’s helping us make ends meet for now, and have faith this month he’ll do the same.

I pray you all think of how many blessings you have, even when you could have reason or excuse to be down in the dumps. COUNT them if only a handful and be thankful. It’s going to help you make it through the day…and today you just might need that.

Love to you all,


4 thoughts on “Friday’s thoughts and blessings”

  1. Your Friday posts are so uplifting.

    I got bogged down at work and home and have only gotten to page four of your book, but it’s already pulling me in and I can’t wait until this weekend to devote the time I want to really enjoy it. I put a link and picture on my sidebar, I hope that’s okay.

    Happy Friday!

  2. You are such an inspiration to me, my friend. I am so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with you. I seem to need constant reminders to count my blessings, but I am ever grateful that you started me on the habit. I think of the things that weigh on my heart, and then I read about the struggles you are facing, and I realize, if YOU can still feel blessed in the face of some of the serious problems you have encountered, so can I. My biggest worry is my job… but I’m not going to worry about it anymore. I’ll let God take care of that one.

  3. i wish i looked that good when i look like a “dork”!

    as always. I love, love, love your perspective, Kim. how we choose to look at life makes all the difference…you clearly know that. and i love that you share it with everyone – it inspires. dont stop!

  4. I love that even in the midst of all the stresses, here you are, praising and thanking God – knowing that He will never let you down. I have had a very blessed week, and you have no idea how good it is to read yours – and know that I am not the only one counting.
    It is a blessing to me just to know that!

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