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Caught me

Okay you caught me.  I skipped church today.  My son’s stomach was off this morning and that was enough for me to resign to a morning at home.  My stomach is off too for that matter.

Last night we had a late night with 3 out of 5 parties we were in invited to, attended and closed down.  I’ll have to post some pics from a couple of them, because some of the costumes were amazing.  This one couple’s home was over 4,000 square foot, and they built a haunted house indoors. It was so scary too.  I had a hold of my husband, hoping no one would jump out and get me.  It was a huge maze of crazy lights, costumes, sounds, and jumping tormentors.  My husband asked me to go first…’I don’t think so!’  So he went in with his fist up saying, “I’ve got my hand up ready to smack someone down!”  I’m sure this helped him look tough after half-way through he ran off, screaming like a little girl, and left me.

So here I am at home, with my little one.  He needed to sleep in and so did I.  I think my son’s hermit crab died last night.  He’s out of his shell, not moving.  My son, little T, keeps telling me that ‘Larry’ is sleeping.  I’ve told him I think Larry passed away last night, but he’s not believing me.  I’ll handle this more, when his dad gets home.

So what’s the craziest costume you’ve ever worn?  What do you plan to wear this year?


6 thoughts on “Caught me”

  1. OOo… I like the green! I had hermit crabs too, could Larry just be molting? Mine molted a few times and it was kinda creepy, but it was actually okay.

    The craziest costume was a pink and black lace toga for a Toga Party.

  2. It’s ok. You can skip church once in a while. Especially if your stomach is a bit “off.” Your fellow church-goers probably appreciate if you don’t bring any sick germs to church too.

    I’m not feeling enthusiastic about Halloween this year. We were invited to dress up and go out on the town with our friends, but once again, my husband’s work schedule is going to interfere. I’ll probably just hang out at home and pass out candy.

    Kacey was looking for a costume for a party she went to. I liked this one she found online. It was a Ceiling Fan. You get a shirt and decorate it with the words, “Go CEILINGS!” and then you wear a foam finger and crazy wig… get it? A Ceiling Fan????? She thought it was dumb. Guess I have a wierd sense of humor.

  3. That’s my favorite costume idea ever!!! My husband just said he’s doing that for work this Friday Terri! HILARIOUS!!!!!! I love it!
    I’m surprised you didn’t comment about my husband’s bravado! 🙂 LOL!

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