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A Foreclosure Hitting Close to Home

Today I have a heavy heart. My neighbors have had one bad thing happen to them and then another. They’ve fought through their finances to be able to afford their home for over a year. My neighbor’s wife now has to wear an oxygen tank, and she’s only in her 50’s. Even though they’ve been heavy smokers, who are aware of what cigarettes do to your body, I hate to see them deal with those repercussions.

Today my neighbor walked over to my car, as I pulled up in my driveway. I could tell he his spirit was not one of joy, like the usual guy I visit with when being neighborly.

He broke the news to me and told me of their situation. I know financial companies in today’s market are scrambling and will not give anyone a break. I know bail out or not, my neighbors will not get the help they need.

They’re going to be homeless in days, and I feel like crying. They’re so good to us and I just want them to have a roof over their head. Keeping up with the Jones’s has never been important to my husband and I, but something like this certainly puts that all into perspective.

Each night I pray a prayer of thanks for simply having a roof over our head, and food on our table. I never knew something like this would happen to someone I knew, and it’s heartbreaking.

I’m doing what I can to help them find a place to live, and in the meantime offering a couch and a guest room if they need it. Please pray for my wonderful neighbors that God provides them a way out and a place to live.

10 thoughts on “A Foreclosure Hitting Close to Home”

  1. oh wow. we were there this time last year. its scary.

    keep reaching out to them. i know it will mean everything.

    i love your heart. so beautiful!

  2. This is a scary situation and it has been hitting so close to home. I’m so sorry for your neighbor. Prayers for them and everyone else facing losing their homes.

  3. Your compassion, prayers and thankfulness are touching, and they show that you are a quality person. Those things are to your credit, and are very commendable.

    With the worldwide economic crisis, this type of thing may increase, unfortunately.

    May your neighbors come to know Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior (if they haven’t already) so that they will be prepared for eternity. In this life we will have trouble, but eternity is forever. This life is like a grain of sand, compared to beaches and beaches of eternity. Helping others when they are having problems is a Christian thing to do, but their soul is the most important thing. Their financial situation is important, but where they will spend eternity is even more important.

  4. Praise God that they were able to find other shelter. I just received this foreclosure docs from the county and I’m completely distraught. I truly know how they feel. May God bless you for caring about them.

    And what the person said about eternity is beautiful. I’m tired and I’m looking forward to an eternity with my Father.

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