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Friday’s post and poll

So this week has gone fast. I’ve only worked a couple of days which has been so nice, but it’s still flown by just the same.

Obvious blessings:

*Some time to sleep in, with three days off.

*I ordered 100 of my books, from my publisher, for future events.

*Being a little repepative from the last post, but you can pre-order my book.  It’s now officially on Amazon and listed on my publisher’s bookstore.

*I got another photo-shoot booked for this month, yesterday.  Let’s just keep those coming!

*I’m growing closer to a really good friend, and am blessed to have her friendship.

I didn’t get too wordy this time, as I’m really tired.  I’m not in the best mood yet, as I’ve not been awake but a few minutes.  Yes, I’m NOT a morning person.  The blessing in that?  I’m heading to my refridge to get my Starbucks Frapp.  I’ve been saving this ‘one’ bottle, for a week and a half for ‘the’ morning that I’d really need it.  I’m blessed this morning to have it and be able to sit and savor for a few minutes, before my son wakes up.

I hope you’ve had some obvious and ‘not’ so obvious blessings in your week.  Be sure the thank God for all the gifts in your life…even if some weeks you don’t feel so thankful.  There are blessings all around you, even if some days you just don’t see them.


4 thoughts on “Friday’s post and poll”

  1. I’m glad you got some time to sleep in. Feels good doesn’t it? And I’m so excited about your book and so proud of you! Congrats on another photo shoot. I can’t wait to see the photos you might share. Enjoy your Starbuck’s my friend and have a great day!

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