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Wedded Picture Bliss

So the last three weddings I’ve attended I’ve had the honor to also be a part of the picture taking process. The last of the three, I actually got paid for it. Woo woo! Of course I gave my friend the friends and family discount, but to get paid is awesome.

Here’s a pic from this last Saturday’s wedding. She was an amazing bride with classy style. I hope you like this pic I took.

I won’t post any of her and her family without her permission, but thought this one would be okay to share.

Have a great day and remember to be kind to everyone you’re around today.

A parting shot of something borrowed, old, and blue …


7 thoughts on “Wedded Picture Bliss”

  1. Both photos are beautiful! BUT I love the top one the best.

    You are right about being kind to everyone.

    Last night, my son and I went around and sold holiday wreaths for his Boy Scout Fundraiser.

    We went to one car dealership, which lead to another, which lead to 4 hours of car dealerships.

    I am pretty sure we are going to get quite a few orders, BUT one dealership had some not so nice parents last year from another Troop and we got the order this year – mainly because we were first. Turns out, the owners son races in my son’s “class” for go-karting.

    Another dealer, was so nice to my son and treated him so professionally….. turns out – as I was telling my neighbor about how great he was – he was her client.

    So the lesson is….. you never know who someone knows.

    Another man who did not order from us, as he said the person selling them last year already called him and he was going to reorder from him – still came out and spoke to my son and told him face to face.

    Our last call of the night, the receptionist told the General Manage who was “cold calling him” and via the receptionist, we were told he was not available.

    I compared the last two to my son, and explained the difference in the business ethics – the latter was a coward and could not say no to someones face. There is nothing wrong with no.

    Anyhow, orders or no orders everyone but the last two were so kind and receptive to my son and treated him like a professional… actually, they all offered him jobs selling cars!! LOL

  2. wfbdoglover … I’m so glad your son got to experience that. Being kind to everyone is a huge lesson for the person on either end.
    Thanks for the compliments ladies. I love these two shots so much.

  3. Beautiful! I love her bouquet & color choices. You did a wonderful job! Yay!! for paid work. OH & now I’m wondering if I have a picture of my old, new, borrowed & blue stuff…

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