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How did Friday get here already?

This week has flown by! Not only can I not believe it’s Friday … but that it’s October. Life has just started going in fast forward for most of us hasn’t it?

There’s still plenty to be thankful for if only I slow down long enough to breathe.

*Although my son was sick this week, and up at the wee hours vomiting … I got to spend quality time with him and God healed him quickly. This morning he’s on the mend, and feeling good, which is such a blessing.

*I worked Monday – Thursday and made pretty decent tips. I’m blessed to have a fun job that I don’t have to think too hard at. It’s fun, stable, and easy. However, I still have a job opportunity, which I’ve semi-interviewed for earlier last month, that is still in the works of being worked out. I may soon be able to work around my son’s school schedule – and make some halfway decent $$$, instead of hoofin’ it waiting tables.

*I have a wedding I’m shooting tomorrow, after our big family garage sale. I drove over the outdoor location yesterday to see how and when the sun would be setting.

I was told the wedding would be starting at 6:15, with the sun setting at 7ish. It would have been a prime time for sunset photo’s for after the wedding, but I found out this morning that her invite reads a 6:30 start. I may have no sun for after wedding photos. I know somehow God will work the whole thing out. The cool outdoor shots may not be what I’d planned, but it’s gonna have to work anyway.
It was fun playing with some pre shots yesterday, no matter what happens. My sister’s a hoot and posed for a few ideas I had. See below for why I’m blessed with such a fun sis.

*This week I’ve been reminded many times at how blessed I am that I have my mom. Sometimes when daughters and mothers share time in raising a child, you forget to nurture your own relationship. For some it becomes a competition on how to mother the child…even though it’s not a conscious or intended battle of wills … it’s always there somewhat.
My mother and I never had that problem too bad. When my son was born there was a little of it, but we both let go of our own ways of being as my son grew. However our relationship is still revolving around my son. I have been reminded many times this week, through my own thought process and through prayer, that I need to make it more about her and I & our relationship.

*My husband’s birthday was this week. We had a little family drama with some people on his side of the family, but it was still a blessing to recognize that no one should be taken for granted. We both enjoyed his birthday and got to spend it with those that were supposed to be there.

I hope you have a GREAT first week of October. How are you planning to spend your weekend?


2 thoughts on “How did Friday get here already?”

  1. Your sister is a hoot. Her pose is perfect. All that’s missing is the phantom groom.

    Hope things turned out well.

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