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Drinking Haze

When I was 16-18, I lived in Japan, where the legal age to drink was 18. Of course so was driving, so we could do two for the age of one. However, girls, as long they were American, could drink pretty much at any age. I remember a lot of 13 year olds having access to liquor. As long as they looked old enough, they could gain access.

Binge drinking in today’s society is worse than it’s ever been. I’m not saying I’m a saint, because I’ve had my day where I sowed my seeds. I think that’s why this subject is one close to my heart….b/c I had a serious under aged drinking problem, and point blank— the underage drinking on and off campuses is very much out of control today.

Tara, at If Mom says It’s Okay, posts on this very issue today at her blog. She raises some very good points, and I’d like to have your input. The Amethyst Initiative is trying to get the legal age of 21 lowered to 18 in efforts to curb underage drinking. I guess some may say this is a great idea, or a great effort to help solve a very dangerous problem….but won’t it just open the door for more under age drinking? Won’t it crack the door and widen the gap to those who are 14+ that can pass for 18?

Now I know most will say…’You have to have an ID to get liquor’….but come on people. You know girls and guys alike can get alcohol without ID in many many places. So is lowering the age limit a good idea?

Or should we put more educational programs out there?
…..enforce more laws?….
and crack down a little harder on schools, who don’t monitor this problem and punish their students….but instead offer to lower the age to 18?

I’d like to see what we can do to stop the problem or curb it at least without letting the door open to more underage legal drinking. That means more underage driving on the roads for those 16+ drivers…That means more friends influencing their peers to drink…because it’s ‘legal’ for them at 18 now….that means in essence more alcohol related deaths.

Haven’t we had enough of that already?


7 thoughts on “Drinking Haze”

  1. When the drinking age was 18, kids younger than that were trying to get fake IDs and sneak into bars. With the higher drinking age, it would be harder for a 15 or 16 year old to pass as legal, but it won’t be if the age is lowered to 18.

  2. I agree with Terri.
    We all remember being younger, and finding social pressures to drink, go to bars, and parties. I ofter got in because I looked older, and the drinking age was then 19.
    It is hard to tell the difference from a 16 year old and an 18 year old … 21 is a larger gap.
    The legal drinking age does not stop young people from getting alcohol, it can be found anywhere. Right in the houses of their own parents usually.

    As an alcoholic with 5 years of sobriety behind me, all I can say is that it has a very negative affect on everyone. Most people do not even realize this. Drinking is not a problem of the young, it’s a problem for ALL.

    Lowering the legal age ??? “Dumb”

  3. I think it’s stupid to even ‘think’ about lowering the drinking age. What those schools should be doing is enforcing more punishment for undesirable behavior. Get caught drinking? Hmmmm…you may get suspended? and have to pay to repeat?…’d be enough to make me stop and think about my responsibilities. If every school across the board would be consistent in their punishments, and make it a severe enough one … kids would think twice. And if schools would start early with education on the dangers…engrain in their minds on how serious it can be….parents and teachers a like need to educate and tackle this subject.

  4. Drinking/driving is a difficult issue for me. My brother’s best friend was killed by a drunk driver. There are arguements going every direction about what is best for ages to do both, but let me say this…

    Parents need to be parents. Know who your under-age child is with, what they are doing, and what the friends parents’ standards are. This parents buying liquor for their kids is dangerous. Teenagers are very concrete and exceptions aren’t thoroughly understood. Allow kids to learn and grow up before allowing bad judgement and substances to blur things.

    There are lots of moms and dads out there that could share a story or two about real life consequences to lowering ages and binging. The cost is not worth it, that I can guarantee.

  5. The only instance that I’d even consider lowering the drinking age is for soldiers but only on post, doesn’t seem right that they can fight for our country but not have a beer. Even that would be a hard call because of issues with public intox and/or driving under the influence. Lowering the age across the board to decrease under age drinking is like saying we should increase the speed limit so people won’t speed, people will still speed.

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