Fridays Bless Me

This week has been a crazy one but nothing short of blessed anyway.

I’m gonna make it quick because I have to go take care of jury duty…again…..

My blessings from the week:

*The fact that I don’t have to stand in my closet going through a ton of clothes, wondering what to wear to work anymore. It’s a standard uniform at the restaurant…black pants, shirt, and belt, with black shoes. Man is my life easy. Now I’m going to garage sale or thrift store most of those nice dressy suits and pieces that I won’t wear to work any longer. This is all one big blessing.

*The fact that I have an amazing peditrician is a HUGE BLESSING. Yesterday, he reviewed my son’s diagnosis, from the ER trip we took this past weekend. He didn’t agree with it, and gave us some really good news. My son is 100% better and we have a simple medication regimen to follow for his allergies now that will keep him from having future issues. All he had was a simple viral infection with allergy complications. NO PNUEMONIA!

*My sister and future BLO have found rings with one week to go to the wedding day. It seems all of their wedding plans have fallen into place. So far I’ve found them a wedding destination wedding on a golf course, for only $300, and I’ve found them an alternate caterer which saved them 12 dollars a head. To see them get some wonderful inexpensive solutions to make their day perfect is such a precious joy to me.

*My husband came home last night with surprise T-shirts for the family. OKC THUNDER T-shirts for us all. My son was so excited and can’t wait to go to a game. My husband’s thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me and blesses me daily.

*My aunt and her room-mate are in town permanently now…officially moved from California. Their house is almost finished and closed. To have them around will be a new chapter and a blessing.

I hope you all have had a great week even if it was amongst chaos, as mine certainly was. I’ve now got to eat lunch and leave ‘again’ to try to avoid jury duty.


6 thoughts on “Fridays Bless Me”

  1. So nice to read of all your blessings this week! Doing this truly keeps me on track, and gets me over the rough spots, when I begin to think maybe He *isn’t* there.

  2. so happy about your sons new and improved diagnosis! sometimes ER’s are the worst!

    your list of blessings – always bless me (and others im sure!)

    and no. i never have my phone on. i know. i. am. terrible.


  3. HA! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one constantly missing phone calls. It looks like Tam is as bad as me! Good thing we have you… the glue that holds us all together!

    I love reading your blessings. You have inspired so many others to do the same each week and it has such a positive impact; on me and on many others. Thank you!

  4. Terri, you’ve inspired many to post them. All the emails you’ve sent me with those awesome links, are posts in response to your blessings post. So take all that credit my dear!

    Tam, thank you!

  5. Actually Tara I think the writer in me will love it, taking in all of it I can for future reference. The broke mom in me will dread it as I need to work to pay bills. It’s gonna all work out though. It always does.

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