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Palin’s Perfect Delivery

I try to stay away from politics here as it’s so overused and underwhelming in blog land. I get bored by the arguments for this side or this issue. However I must say that Palin delivered a very cadid and amazing speech last night.

The issues were oil, prosperity, taxes, and less reliance on the government. A smaller government and a larger people! The Democrats say the Republicans didn’t mention the middle class or health care. BUT if they’d listened they would have heard the message of prosperity to the small business owners and workers…are those not the middle class? They would have heard a message to parents with the hope of taking care of their families in every manner…insurance, health, and financial. Even though the words insurance or health care weren’t tossed around like potato’s…the message was clear.

Palin’s efforts to use the words ‘community’ and ‘coordinator’ cracked me up, as we all know, Democrats and Republicans alike, that her experience and record is more impressive than Obama’s on her own. She’s got more experience than Biden and Obama put together, and her track record for ‘actually’ cutting taxes and working ‘for the people’ is an amazing one. And this is just the VP nominee…

You all know I’m a military brat and hold vets, who’ve served, in high regard. So when I look at the candidates for President I can’t help but sway toward McCain. Not just because of his leadership skills, decisions in tough times, and heart for his country…but because of his resolve. I’m sorry…but any man who was a P.O.W. for five years and brutally tortured earns my respect as a leader for our nation.

He was beaten daily. Had both arms broken, which is why he can’t lift them well today. He was taunted with the option to go home, if he only broke…caved in….and gave his captors what they wanted.

They’d give him his freedom for mere words against his country and countrymen. McCain SAID NO!

I don’t know how many men would be that strong. And when I think of Obama in the same scenario fighting for his life to protect his country…I don’t think we’d be his first priority. I think he would be his own first priority.

I think Obama is an impressive man, raising from no where to be where he’s at but the simple truth is that HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE TO RUN OUR COUNTRY. And he flip flops so much I wonder if our country would be well served in his hands.

I did not mean to leave this on my blog, and I’m sure most will love to argue with me. So I apologize in advance for going where I never do…politics. I just think that Palin’s speech was extremely inspiring and exciting. I feel this team is the one that will bring change.

There were many good lines from last night one of them going a little like this:
‘There are those that will use change to strengthen their careers…then there are those that will use their career to strengthen change!’

Party ties aside….because I’m not straight party. If there were a Democrat in office I could be proud of…I would. I’m wanting to know your view on this saying above, and which of the two do you think falls into either category?


8 thoughts on “Palin’s Perfect Delivery”

  1. No need to apologize. You stated this wonderfully and coherently. I am a conservative, but not a fan of either McCain politically. I disagree with many of the stances he has taken throughout his career. At the same time I have the utmost respect for his service and his integrity. I believe that he is honest and sticks to his conscience and his guns no matter what I think. That gets him my respect. He was going to get my vote, but without much enthusiasm politically. Sarah Palin is an excellent choice, an excellent conservative, with a wonderful record. She’s smart, tough and has experience under her belt. She has me excited about the ticket and gets me energized about it. I would have liked her to say something more about foreign policy, but am sure that will come in the debates. In short, I respect him and I love her! Being a Christian the right to life stance is very important to me. She is living that stance. As a mom of a downs baby, who unfortunately has passed, She also has earned my respect. I have also her her referred to as Ronald Reagan in girl clothes. That is real reform a comin’.

  2. Seriously! That’s funny Scott.
    Here are some quotes from last night:

    Fred Thompson:
    “It’s pretty clear there are two questions we’ll never have to ask ourselves: “Who is this man?” and “Can we trust this man with the presidency?”
    -Out of all the candidates, there is none that has sacrificed more than John McCain. He is the only candidate that has literally fought for our rights.

    “Because “change” is not a destination … just as “hope” is not a strategy.”

    “Democrats have been afraid to use the words “Islamic terrorism.” During their convention, the Democrats rarely mentioned the attacks of Sept. 11. I imagine they believe it is politically incorrect to say it. I think they believe it will insult someone. Please tell me, who are they insulting if they say “Islamic terrorism?” They are insulting terrorists.”

    “Remember that the results of this election are in your hands. You get to determine America’s future. You can decide America’s direction.”

  3. Regardless of the outcome, I am excited to see people talking politics again. Unfortunately in our culture somewhere along the line – talking politics became a gad thing. Somewhere along the line of keepin up with kiddos and life I stepped back from delving into the issues and the candidates. That’s a tragedy and disrespectful for the many who worked and died that I could have that right.

    What a year. We’ll end up with an african-american, woman, or 1 of 2 senior citizens in office. All of these groups have been overlooked for way too long.

    It is an amazing country with unlimited potential.

  4. Never apologize for your own opinion… you’d probably be surprised at how many agree with you, but haven’t said it aloud. If nothing else, the choices we have in this election year have galvanized this country into action ~ voting ~ more than anything I can remember in modern history. And regardless of the outcome, America is poised to make world history ~ either electing our first African American president, or our first female v.president. These are exciting times.

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