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How people find daily blessings…

Top Searches today:

fake bigfoot
baby kaleb
a good spirit daily saying
rescue ministries child prostitution
love notes for ur husband
i want to have sex in spanish
tribute to grandparents
best love note + “husband”
bigfoot fake

What were your strangest top searches today??? And it makes me wonder if my husband and I aren’t missing out on something….so many people continually want to know how to have sex in Spanish…that’s a recurring one. Do they know something I don’t? Hmmm.


10 thoughts on “How people find daily blessings…”

  1. With a wordpress account, they automatically list where and how people found your site. If you’ve got a blogger, account, which I do with WORNOUTWOMAN, I wouldn’t know. I’ve not figured that one out yet. I think your’s is with blogger right Kate?

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