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All that I have to look forward to…

Today is a good day. After a few hard ones, I’m thankful for today, in that it’s finally come. I slept super hard last night. My dog didn’t make an appearance in my dreams, which is good so I wouldn’t be tormented by his passing. I woke up refreshed, which is the first time I can say that in weeks.

I told my son yesterday that his doggie went to heaven. I am very proud of him, in that he handled it so well. He asked some hard questions, that I answered honestly.
He even asked, “so when he went to heaven, did Hershey disappear?”
I told him, “No, his spirit left his body and went to heaven. His body stayed behind.”
“So where is that now?”
“I left Hershey with the vet to bury, as he was just too big for me to carry and bury here. So don’t worry he’s very well taken care of. He even had his paw tucked around the squeeky toy, you just bought him.”
“Did he take that to heaven too?” His face lit up.
“I bet it’s with him right now honey.”

I’m sure as time passes he’ll let more escape on what he’s thinking and feeling. He cried and wanted a new chocolate lab…now…or he wouldn’t come out of the room he’d barricaded himself in. But I explained that Hershey wouldn’t be easily replaced, and we’d have to wait a while before picking out the right dog for us. And out of respect for Hershey, we’d wait a while to do that.

My son will get over it quick, but isn’t one to completely let go of something. He’ll mull it over for a while, but I know his heart has peace with it.

I still keep looking outside for Hershey, to let him in. I swept out the garage yesterday and put up the dog bowls, to keep from looking to them in anticipation of dinner or breakfast. So now it’s just when I’m in the house or yard that I look for him. One step at a time…

For now I have so much to look forward to….

My sister got engaged two weeks ago and her wedding is September 12th. Ah! I’m so exicited.

My son will be the ring bearer, and he’s bursting with pride.

My book is releasing next month.

And a close friend asked me to do her wedding photo’s in October. I NEVER DO weddings….but for a close family friend I’ll make an exception. I’m honored that she thought of me, and can’t wait.

I have orientation today at a nearby NICE restaurant. I’m going to start waiting tables, until my photography business takes off. I look forward to doing something different and fun.

A friend asked me to come work for him as well, being his sales manager soliciting his service/products to all local restaurants. He said I could work from home, and work when I wanted to work. So I’ll probably do this around waiting tables. I’ll be able to hire my own sales force once his company is at a certain level, where he’s able to add more personnel. It will probably be full commission, but it’s an honor to be asked.

I guess I could have waited to write this until tomorrow for my Friday Blessings post, but I didn’t. To write down some good things, so that they overshadow the last couple days, is what I felt I needed today.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on cre8buzz, my email, and this blog. I appreciate you all too, and I look forward to hearing from you all as well. This is a good thing to have to look forward to…hearing from my friends.


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