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Words on Wednesday

Hershey, love to you as you bound over the fields in heaven, with your best friend, Bonnie, shown in the picture below. Love to you as you roll and play like you’ve not been able to in a long time. I hope you enjoy your big doggie manson, with all the comforts a dog could love like cold fresh water, a squeeky toy that never loses it squeek, a comfy bed, and treats all day long. And most importantly I can’t wait for you to meet your creator, and know how much he loves you.

I’m grateful that Jesus loves me so much, in that he blessed me with you as you were exactly what I needed 14 years ago. Your birthday would have been next month. I love you. Say hello to Bonnie and Clyde, your best friends, for me.


9 thoughts on “Words on Wednesday”

  1. Thanks. I’m turning a corner today…much better. I’ll always miss him, but we do have life after pets. And my family needs me to be back to normal at this point…
    I’m sure I’ll try to look for him when I come home for a long time, and will be sad when he’s not in there…but at least I’m comforted that he’s up there playing with all your pals. Thank you for your kind words. They’ve helped a lot.

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