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Too funny not to watch

Okay, one of my buddies from college made a really big blunder on stage. Randomly enough I didn’t even know about this until I saw this vid posted on another blog. I called my husband in to watch it as I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

My husband, being the big bad dude he is, says, “Oh yeah, you haven’t seen that? It’s been on the internet for while.” Obviously he’s thinking, man where have you been?

I said, “Oh Yah? Well I went to college with this guy.”
(shaking his head and walking away) “Man you know EVERYBODY!”

To give you guys a little history….seriously we can’t go any where (even another state) without me running into someone I know. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved around so much….but it never fails and my husband says…”I can’t take you anywhere b/c you know everybody!”

Here’s the vid that you have gotta watch. And Blake, I love ya man…you handled yourself much better than I would have. I’d have started crying!

Here’s his blog if you ever want to pop in and say hi! Tell them Kim from his college sent ya!


5 thoughts on “Too funny not to watch”

  1. He’s an amazing person, who has the best sense of humor. I’m so glad God is using him to influence lives….even with his mix up on stage. I’m sure that made people, in the congregation, take note and start paying attention huh?

  2. I saw the original clip but not the prank. That totally makes me laugh. A good guy to laugh at the prank, but what a heart attack in the process. I’m sure that the students pay FAR more attention now than they use to.

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