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Big Foot or Big Fake?

BIG FOOT? Seriously? What do you think…serious or stunt? Give me your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Big Foot or Big Fake?”

  1. I believe that Tom is telling the trurh, but if the creature is real why move it from Georgia. I remeber watching a show on TV not to long ago about an Indian man saying that you would know if Bigfoot was real because of the smell, he said the creature had a horrible smell alive, HOW WOULD STAND THE SMELL IF IT WAS DEAD. Also if the creature is that massive how did three men, one that is wounded pick this up and load it in this freezer. I have always believed in the BIGFOOT, people say it is not real, but I believe that there is such a creature and they may be scared of us because we as humans are different inthe way we look and smell, MAYBE WE STINK TO IT. But if there are any other BIGFOOTS out there we just need to leave them alone and respect their privacy, but it would be pretty cool to see one up close just to know that we are not alone on this beautiful planet. I hope that I did not make this comment long but I just so fascinated about this discovery and it should be shared with the entire world. Thanks for your time.

  2. yes i do believe he is really we all have our statements but mine is that this big foot is really and i do believe that there is othersa too but we have to just leave them alone becuase if we keep trying to find them they well die and then we well never know if bigfoot was real or not

  3. John…you can never leave a ‘too long’ comment. I just appreciate your input.
    Kimberly…love your name as mine is the same!!…I agree with you both, that if these creatures are real, we need to leave them be.

  4. around where I live some people swear there is a mysterious simian running around in the wood ~ they call it a ‘skunk ape.’ I too much of a cynic to believe in any of these creatures.

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