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Fridays Bless Me

Today I can breathe….or sigh. Either has my vote. It’s been a long relaxing summer with down time galore. As I sit and look around my home, I see an empty house. My son is at school, for his second day, and my husband is at work. I have the entire day to do what I want to do with no interruptions, and no guilt associated with that.

Yes today is a blessing indeed. As far as the week is concerned:

*My son’s in Kindergarten, and has his first crush. You can read about it here. When I picked him up yesterday, after his first day, he had so many fun stories to tell me, which were so endearing. He loves class and teacher. In dropping him off the last two days, he’s been ready for me to leave him. The fact that he’s so confident and self-assured at five, amazes me.

*One of my best friends from school won a gold medal in the Olympics. I’m blessed through her and happy for her.

*My author website got put up and looks great, if I don’t say so myself. The thought that in a short span of time, my book will be out blows me a way. It’s only through the grace of God.

I shake my head some days, wondering, “why me?” … but not complaining by any means…just in amazement that God is doing so many wonderful things in my life. I’m truly thankful to Him and His gifts.

*My sister got engaged to her boyfriend, who’s awesome They’re both so blessed to have found each other. They’re so happy together, which in turn blesses me and my family.

*I said a prayer Tuesday asking God to guide me in gaining financial support for my family. I had planned on waiting tables to do what I could, as I’ve left my sales career behind in hopes of starting on a new path.

Wednesday, a head hunter called me! He only calls me every couple of years.

The first thing he asked was, “Kim? Are you looking for a job?”

Talk about God working overtime! I had an interview the next day, which wasn’t for sales job…but a service one, for decent money. IT’s a GREAT opportunity, and I find out Tuesday if I made it call backs for another interview. I feel peace about the whole thing, and have faith that Tuesday will bring a phone call asking for a second interview. GOD is so good.

*Today Trysh, a blogging friend, is going to reveal some web design ideas for my photography website. I’m blessed she’s agreed to come up with some spec designs as I need to take that website in another direction. God has blessed me by putting her in my path.


I wanted thank you all sincerely for participating. You all did so well in your efforts and your growth. I see that most of you have decided to continue your Friday posts on your own, which blesses me ten fold. I pray you continue to see God’s grace in your lives.

WINNER TIME! Terri won by leaps and bounds as she brought in the most page views, and also inspired others to start the Friday Blessings challenge just by her own posts.

I’m proud of you Terri, for not being afraid to really take this to heart and passionately attack this contest.

I know all of you won by accepting life on it’s own terms, with all the bad stuff that happens, and choosing to count your blessings. You won by understanding how many good things God brings to your lives, and choosing to focus on those versus what a bad day you could be having! You ‘got’ the purpose of this challenge and I applaud you all!


9 thoughts on “Fridays Bless Me”

  1. yay Terri! and congrats on the interview… that once secret I told you, I didn’t get a call from – nothing – nada. I even took my resume down and delivered with a bouquet of flowers from my garden.

    But one did call and they had had my resume since this spring. Ii interviewed last week and got the job ths week.
    money isn’t bad – almost what I wanted. The hours are fabulous – 10-6 and all the jewish holidays off — 10 personal/sick days and one week vacation whenever I want.. can not ask for more can I not? I feel so blessed

  2. Yeah Terri! I’m glad that things are going so well for you this week. I can’t believe that sooo many kids are back in school already! We don’t go back until after Labor Day!

    I cannot wait to get a copy of your book!

  3. Thank you SO much! I love that I won the contest, but I feel like I won in a much bigger way than simply winning the prize (which is a GREAT prize, BTW.) The true blessing in this contest is that you showed me what a difference counting your blessings can make in your life. I learned from you and I have grown so much through this. Thank you!

  4. YAY Terri! I am happy for you that you won! This whole contest has been such a blessing to me – as doing the blessings for myself every week has been. It all puts my eyes and heart back where they need to be – looking at Jesus and all the awesome things He does for me!

    I’m thrilled about the book site, and can’t wait to be able to go buy it!

    I’m also blessed to be able to put together a website for you – this I know is going to be an ongoing blessing for me!

    What a good week!

  5. Congrats to Terri! It was well deserved! Sounds like everyone is in a good place! I did one last post today on Counting My Blessings!

    Thanks for sponsoring such a great challenge!

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