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Tearing up for Kristin—GOLD for Kristin Armstrong

Happiness doesn’t begin to cover the emotions I have for my friend, Kristin. She won the GOLD!!!

She was always the girl who could do any sport. She always went Varsity in any thing she tried out for…even if it was her first time to play that particular sport. She blossomed into this amazing athlete before my eyes over my junior and senior year in school.

In basketball I made junior, as a Senior, and she made Varsity, as a Junior underclassmen.

At Kubasaki High….underclassmen got tied up to the flag pole for attempting to enter Senior Hall. Where only Seniors were allowed…because as Seniors we had our own special place by right, I made room in my locker for her because she hung out with most of us Seniors anyway…

We made an exception for Kristin as she was special…as special as they come.

Congrats my friend…I couldn’t be prouder of you. I knew you’d have this moment! I knew you’d get your gold….

You’re GOLDEN girl!
Me, Meredith, and Kristin our during my junior year, and her sophomore year.

Kristin and me on graduation night from Kubasaki High School, on Okinawa, Japan.

Kristin came to see me, and another friend, graduate and leave. It was emotional not just for the obvious reasons as life was changing. People were growing up and moving on. BUT we lived on an island across the globe and were flying thousands of miles away, where a weekend trip home to see your high school buddies wasn’t the norm, like most college kids.

We knew we wouldn’t be home to see our friends unless it was during Christmas or Summer breaks. And my first Christmas I didn’t even go home. I stayed here and didn’t get to see my family and friends…. Yes that night was an overwhelming night for many reasons.

I’m overwhelmed in a good way now! True happiness is when your dear friend go on to do things you knew they had in them. Tears of happiness are the only way I can express it.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and giving Kristin the gold. Go here to see her win on video…but be prepared..it’s long but worth it.


15 thoughts on “Tearing up for Kristin—GOLD for Kristin Armstrong”

  1. That is so incredible!!!

    Which video is she in, there are like 12 on the page. You also didn’t say what she got the gold for… I googled her and found it was cycling. I would really like to watch it !

  2. Thanks!

    For those of you who don’t want to sit through a two hour video, a good place to start watching is 1:15:30 and she crosses the finish line at 1:17:29. You can watch her get her medal starting at 1:45:30.

    That was fun to watch! Thanks for sharing. I know you must be proud!

  3. We just saw this on prime time. Way to go! So exciting to be able to say “I know someone who knows Kristen!”

  4. Oh my gosh! I watched her cross the finish line. I didn’t put two and two together until they did a close up on her!! I was freaking out when I saw her! Congrats to Kristin!!

  5. What a great post! In articles she’s always seemed to come across very humble and like a great person and it’s nice to see that really is the case. She definitely deserved the gold!

  6. Holy smokes, this is like the most severe blast-from-the-past I’ve had in AGES! I felt like we were right back in the day (esp. seeing the pics with the big bangs! Sorry, but mine were the very biggest and no one could touch that–it was my only claim to greatness! HA HA) I knew Kristin was an amazing athlete, but had no idea she’d go on to win an Olympic gold! Unfortunately for her, I believe they opened the pool at Kubasaki after she graduated. Remember how they opened the stadium across the street after WE graduated?! Bummer! Oh well… BTW, I did go “home” that first Christmas and it was fun, except that MAC lost my luggage and I had to wear my MOM’s clothes for over a week! I definitely felt uncool going back to Kubasaki like that! LOL

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