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From Front to Back

Yesterday my publisher sent me the electronic version of my book, for press release purpose…for reviews and such. This is only meant for those in the media to give it raving reviews of course, and I hope they do so (crossing my fingers and holding my breathe).

Anyways to the point…

This is the firsts time I’ve actually printed all of it off and read it from front to back. You’d think I’d have done that by now, but I didn’t. I knew it backwards and forwards and had read it in parts so many times over and over that I knew what the whole thing said. But to print it off, and read it for the first time blew me away.

There were some typo’s I caught and was discouraged that the editor didn’t, but my publisher promised she wasn’t through yet. And to release it for review purposes in that state wasn’t a big deal. But to read it, absorb it, and fall in love with it again was such a huge blessing for me. I caught a few things I need to finesse thankfully, as I need to before it goes to press. But today I’m just blessed to have read it last night. I started at 10 pm and couldn’t put it down. I didn’t get to sleep until 2 am.

I hope it has the same effect on those that buy it.

Look for ‘Finding Kylie’ by Kimberly McKay on Amazon and in some stores either late September or early October.


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