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Fridays Bless Me Every Week

Today is the day I post my blessings, and how I look forward to this. Some weeks are harder than others, since it’s a choice to have the peace of God’s love and thankfulness in His blessings, and some weeks just blow me away.

Those that read me know I’ve just come back from a huge blessing in my vacation. I hadn’t been home in 12 long years to Oahu, and hadn’t visited Maui since I was 5. The fact that my son is now five and I took him and my husband to my home was HUGE for me. The obvious blessing was being in a tropical low key, laid back, beautiful environment. Who couldn’t see the blessing in that and thank God for His creation? The not so obvious blessing and the main one for me was to experience it all again as a 5 year old through my son, which really took me home ten-fold. The fact that my auntis, uncles, and cousins got to meet my family is a huge blessing.

Today as I look toward this past week my heart is somewhat heavy as I know I’ve not treated my husband as well as I should have this week. The phrase, submit to your husband keeps going through my mind. This is often a inflammatory biblical instruction for a lot of female liberals. What does it mean…submit? To me, it’s not letting a man walk all over me, as some people like to twist it. To me, it’s having compassion for the man God has chosen for me…letting go of some of my own control and giving my husband his way more than I choose my own.

I’ve been very controlling this week and I don’t feel good about it. What is the blessing in this? That I have a wonderful husband!! He puts up with me and loves me…frustrated or not. I know I need to make it up to him and I’m blessed that he sticks around so I can.

I’ve had no job this whole month…I’m unemployed! HA! How cool is it that this is NOT stressing me out. <—-(blessings right there) This whole month is the only month, before my son starts Kindergarten that I’ll have had all this time with him. I had no one calling me for work…well not for most of the month….so my time was truly “MY” time with my family with no interruptions. I’ve never experienced that freedom before, so this has been a huge blessing.

Now that it’s back to reality and the bills need two incomes…what am I going to do?? I’ve been wondering how I’m going to supplement our household income since I quit my sales career. I have my photography business that I started last October, but that’s not going to take off overnight.

This week my son’s school hired me as a substitute teacher. I turned my new hire packet in this week. I was told that it my be pretty infrequent for the first couple of months, but after that get ready for it to get crazy. I’m not sure how it’s going to pay, but I know God will provide. I’ve also run across a couple of jobs to pay the bills for the next couple of months until teaching kicks in. I’m not sure if they’d be something I’d be interested in, but it’s what they provide that counts. This is the first time in my life that I didn’t have to have something ‘professional’ working that went along with my degree. I finally realize….MY JOB DOESN’T DEFINE ME! I do…being a Christian mom, wife, daughter, sister, niece, grand-daughter, and friend defines me. This has been a blessing to get this.

Today would have been my Grandfather’s 100th birthday. If you’ve not read about him, you should…because he was and is still, to me, an amazing human being. He died in my arms, and I saw him see the Lord first hand. Seeing his pupils dialate, his breathe quicken, and his head pop up after being in a coma scared me at first. Hearing the monitors scream at me that his heart rate was bottoming out freaked me out. BUT seeing the look on his face when he saw angels come for him…there’s no way I could doubt that he saw the face of Jesus. And even though terrifying for me at the age of 19 or 20, I know this is a blessing now. For one because they say, those that have come back from the dead, that they see their surroundings when they leave their bodies…so this means my papa knew I was with him too.

You see I got there too late to see him before he went into his coma. He went into his comatose state asking for Kimmy and wanted me. I was selfishly on Spring Break in Texas…but took the first flight out as soon as I heard he went into the hospital. I was just too late in saying my goodbye. I have the peace and blessing of today, his 100th birthday, of that lovely man and his love for me. He was my role model growing up, in what to look for in a man. He was truly one of a kind. Please honor his memory today and go read this post about him and my wonderful grandmother, as she too, was truly one amazing lady. For those that don’t know, he was a photographer and the reason the love of photography is in my blood and heart. I hope he’d be proud that I’m trying to make a living at it.

Lastly the fact that we all came home from a long strenuous trip unharmed and well is a huge blessing. Other than my husband’s small fall, which we think he cracked something…we’re all fared well. My son is an amazing traveler! And no one got sick. Praise God for that!

Thank you for tuning in to my little corner of the web world. Next week is the last week of this contest. You can view the video at the post below to see who’s almost winning. If it stays this close in the running, I may have to extend this by another week to get a clear defined winner. I pray you’ll consider counting your blessings…it truly IS life changing. Just ask Terri…you can read why it’s changed her outlook, here.

I think I’ll leave you with a pic I took of my husband and son, on Maui. Have a great weekend all!

15 thoughts on “Fridays Bless Me Every Week”

  1. “Today as I look toward this past week my heart is somewhat heavy as I know Iโ€™ve not treated my husband as well as I should have this week”

    Want to come talk to my wife about this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Beautful post! I too participated today, so check out my blog; it’s like 3 posts down.

    I love how you’ve come to define yourself, not by your job, but by the influential role you play as the woman in some very important people’s lives – Jesus, your husband, children, parents, family, and friends. It really doesn’t matter what job we have, so long as our words and actions are pleasing to the Lord.

    Lately, I’ve also have been unkind, unpatient, and just plain bitchy to my husband who SO doesn’t deserve such treatment. I guess we’re just so comfotable with them that we let our guard down, let it all hang out, and forget that THEY are on our side. They are on our team in this thing called life and we must repect their place next to us, not beneath us.

    So glad to hear of your wonderful homecoming in Hawaii. Sounds and looks beautiful! Happy Friday!

  3. Your post makes me think about how all too often I am unkind, impatient, and inconsiderate of my husband. This past week, watching him take care of me and take care of everything was a real eye opener. I know that I am very, very far from perfect, yet he rarely calls me out on it. It saddens me to think of all the times I have subtly or not-so-subtly pointed out what I perceive to be his flaws.

    I’m also very impressed with the way you continue to be at peace about your job situation. I know that God will steer you in the right direction, and I love that you know that too.

  4. Thanks Terri. Some would call it stupid to leave a good paying job with no job in place, but I felt it was what I HAD to do. Strange as it was, it was like God was asking me to rely on Him. And I’m not sitting on my butt waiting either…(okay today Im sitting on my butt)…but in general I’m researching my options so that I land exactly where God wants me.

  5. Love the pictures you posted of your trip. When you live in Hawaii and see photos like that it just makes you appreciate Hawaii even more…thanks for sharing!

  6. Ah, such a thoughtful post – and it also made me think – it is so easy to lose that kindness – to become what I don’t want to be. So, of course, your blessings bless me too!

    This has been such a crazy week, with VBS going on – so it was very good for me to have that bit of quiet time to look back and see the blessings that God scattered into my life this week. I’ll always be grateful to you for the suggestion to do this – it has had a huge impact on my life!

  7. Sounds like you are going to be fine. The jobs will come and you’ll find a way to make ends meet.

    Having a week in paradise is a great blessing. Love your beach photo!

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