Fridays are Full of Blessings

I can’t believe today is Friday!  I feel bad that I have not been able to check all my favorite blogs in the last week or so, but I’ve had a good reason.  I’ve been on vacation and am currently posting this from Maui.  I promise to catch up with ALL of you when I return…especially you, Terri.  I’ve been praying for you and your dad’s transplant surgery.


Blessings for this week?

*That we’ve all stayed healthy and protected on such a long and active trip.  My husband actually took a nasty fall, and may have cracked some ribs…but is doing alright.  We’re blessed it wasn’t any worse.

*I saw my brother in law marry the girl of his dreams yesterday on the beach.  I saw first hand of their sweet love and tender hearted spirit.  This was a huge blessing to be a part of that in such beautful surroundings.

*We had an awesome lunch afterwards at the four seasons hotel, with wedding cake.  And a mongo huge luau last night topped off the day.  It was a huge celebration in all of God’s glorious beauty, in the islands.  Blessings were abound all day yesterday.

*Today I found some sought after treats (mochi, manapua, lychi, and a few other island favorites) and looked for a while till I found them.  That is a small blessing but a significant one as I won’t be able to eat these things again for a looong time.

*A few of my in-law’s friends flew in for the wedding, that I’ve just fallen in love with.  They’re great people and now part of my family.  Opening up your heart to new family is always a plus!

*My son has just blossomed over here.  He’s become Mr. Independant wanting to shower by himself with no aid from me.  He’s been asking for privacy.  I’m praying he’ll continue this trend at home, so I can leave that all to him from now on.  That will be a huge accomplishment for him and me! 

*I’ve gone outside my comfort zone and done some things I wouldn’t normally do here.  Like a helicopter ride with my son.  I normally would be okay taking on that risk solo, but to expose my five year old is a whole different issue.  I prayed over it before committing to it and received peace, which led me to jump aboard.  It was a breath-taking experience until half way through when my 5 year old starting complaining of getting ‘tire swing sick’.  I’m proud of him for sticking it out though.

*Being on the beach at any given moment, with the island breeze at my face and the sun on my shoulders is my biggest blessing this week.  Hearing the ocean roll in and the waves crash down, blesses me knowing God has orchestrated this trip for us…financially and emotionally. 

*Sitting in my home church, on the island of Oahu last Sunday, is a huge blessing.  Sitting there in remembrance of the first time I gave my heart to the Lord, was amazing.  And the fact that my five year old was sitting in the same church, where I was 30 years ago was such a blessing.  I teared up and cried feeling the Holy Spirit working through the children’s choir, and the pastor, who delivered a killer sermon.  It was over walking in the Kingdom versus saying your a Christian.

*Today I went to my favorite surf shop, Local Motion and picked up some things just for me.  I never spend money just on me…today I did.  I know it’s selfish, but I indulged just a little bit.  That was a guilty pleasure and although not a blessings….still a plus for my week.  I got some cool Local Motion gear that I’ll enjoy for a looong time.

I hope you all are doing well this week…especially you Terri.  Love to you all.  I come back Saturday on an overnight trip.  Again, would you please pray for our travels and pray that we all stay healthy.   Thank you!

Aloha and Mahalo!!

8 thoughts on “Fridays are Full of Blessings”

  1. Those are some really great ones! I especially liked the one about going outside your comfort zone. I don’t do that much myself right now but I think it’s more of a “I’m not inspired” to do it kind of thing rather than a “lazy” thing.

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  3. Your vacation sounds so beautiful and it sounds like you’re getting completely recharged. You will all be in my prayers for a safe return. I can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous pictures!

  4. I’m so glad my niece and nephews are back on mainland soil, safe and sound. It was an awesome trip, especially for little Timothy. Not many 5 year old’s get to go to Hawaii and do what he’s done the past several days. A trip he’ll always remember!
    It’s good that our God takes care of us, no matter where we wander. I’ve spent most of my life in a job that requires frequent travel and I know beyond any doubts that God has been with me every day, protecting me as I have traveled alone. I know that He is my protector, friend and constant companion even in the still of the lonely hotel nights. All I have to do is speak to Him and He quietly answers me, assuring me He’s always there guiding and keeping me safe and loved. In my last years of my career I have the joy and priveledge of moving close to my childhood home and my family, after being apart for so many years because of our jobs. I’m looking forward to living close to my “great” nephew and my beautiful neices. God has truly blessed my life, from beginning to now. If onkly everyone knew and trusted the Lord, how different their lives could be. Faith is all it takes. Just trust God and know He will take care of you, forever.

  5. How did I miss commenting on this? Oh yeah, I didn’t know you were back to blogging yet.

    “Today I went to my favorite surf shop, Local Motion and picked up some things just for me”

    You surf?

  6. No, but that store is just too cool! I boogie board/body surf but I’ve not done the real thing yet. I plan on taking lessons when I go back even if it is super touristy! 😉

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