A few pics for you

Island hopped on to Maui yesterday.  We hit the pool, that sits in the back yard, with it’s own water fall.  Apparently my brother in law rented this house from a millionare, and it’s the most amazing home I’ve ever been in.  It sits across from where Will Smith used to own a home. 

Today the guys went deep sea fishing and caught nothing but a teensy weensy baby barracuda.  I bet they wish they’d done what the ladies had for their activity…well us ladies, and my five year old son.  We took a helicopter tour of the island & saw about 25 waterfalls.  I thought it was the coolest…much better than fishing…any day!

Island view from our ride today.  It was a calm ride with no bumps…and all beauty.

Pool view from my room, in the guest house.  I can walk out my patio and jump in.  It’s lit up at night, and so inviting!

Back view into the main house.  It’s two story with three levels of patios.  The third on the roof, overlooking the beach.  Except Will Smith’s former home blocks it somewhat…see next pic…

His turquoise roof actually looks great against the almost sunset. 






 I’ll post more later! For now I’m heading to my dinner with my honey and my son. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary! I’ll keep you posted on any new events!


Mahalo for coming!

8 thoughts on “A few pics for you”

  1. Hey – Happy Anniversary – guess what? today is my birthday!! (giggle) and last week – the 17th was our 15 year anniversary…

    I would way rather go on the helicopter ride! Lucky you and I bet it is more fun to see it through the eyes of your child.. for me that is.

    Anyhow, Thanks for the pictures I enjoyed them all!

  2. Wow! Bee-U-T-Ful! I can almost hear Robin Leach
    (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous) in the background!

    Right about now, you’re probably sipping a fruity drink out of a pineapple, while sitting in a cushioned lounge chair, and saying to yourself ” I wonder what the poor people are doing?”!

    Thanks for sharing with us poor people!

  3. Ok, today’s Friday…and I’m blessing listing…LOL

    *We were blessed to have our son home from the Army before his stint in Iraq…it was amazing.

    *My Mom is a cancer survivor, and we had a little scare, but her tests came back clean…Praise God

    * I am blessed by my husband who just continues to light up my life with constant surprises, both at home and insights into Gods Word.

    That’s been my week…… Love your pictures!!!! Gotta go there!!! Blessings to you! Debs..

  4. I wish I was rich…I’m so hand to mouth with a small income. BUT we had enough families staying here, to chip in financially, that it worked out to be better for the pocket book than a hotel would have been. That’s a blessing too!

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