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Blessings for Friday (maybe Saturday)

Okay I’m on Hawaiian time now, so it’s Friday for me but maybe Saturday for some fo you!

I have a great list of thankfuls to the Lord this week.  Blessings to me are not just things to be thankful for but thankful TO God.

First and foremost, a huge blessing in that my son did extremely well in our travels today.  Total of 11-12 hours of flight and layover time, and he was a doll.  He only got grouchy once.  I wish I could say the same thing for my husband!

Second blessing…we upgraded to a convertible car here for next to nothing, and will split a very cheap rental car once we go to Maui on Monday with our inlaws.  This will save us so much money.

Tonight, as we crash at my aunti and unlce’s home on Oahu, I over hear my aunti on the phone calling the whole crew to come over for potluck in celebration of my family’s visit back to the island.  I am blown away at how many people are coming over.  What a great blessing indeed!

Lastly, I got a check from my former employer which was very very unexpected.  So we were able to go on this trip with more peace without the burden we’d have had without it.

Thank you for all of you checking in each day.  If I’m not on here very much in the next 10 days.  Please know I am having a very overdue family vacation and I will post when and if I can.


9 thoughts on “Blessings for Friday (maybe Saturday)”

  1. Yea! Looks like another great week for you and it sounds like the plane ride was a success!

    I also just got my post in under the wire. Alex may be a day late. The boys just got back from a baseball game.

  2. Yay you!! I hope you are have a great time. Glad the plane ride went great and so happy you have a convertible!!

    Have a blast at the party and please, don’t worry about us not having fun or enjoying the beach or the warm sunshine or fresh air… really, we will all be fine (sniff, sniff). OH, and think of me when you have a sip out of one of those coconut drink glasses…. 🙂

  3. How wonderful to read your blessings this week! I am so glad you are having a great time there – and that your worries about the flight were mostly unrealized!
    I hope you have the very best time ever visiting with family and just relaxing – and what a place to do that!

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