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Faithful Fridays Week 2


So far my biggest blessing is how many of you are participating. Thank you for taking my challenge on!

This week has been one with ups and downs. If you read my wornoutwoman site than you know the anxiety I’ve held.

**Through prayer I came to a conclusion with leaves me with no income at the moment other than the leap of faith I’ve taken to start my own business. God is blessing me daily though in bringing me contacts for future photoshoots. All I can say is the fall will be very busy!

**Yesterday was a huge blessing. My first day, without a j-o-b, held some quality time with my mom and son. We ran errands and had lunch together…just the three of us. I NEVER get to do this without feeling like I’m on a time crunch due to my phone ringing for work. I had no interruptions yesterday and it was such a blessing for us all to have a laid back…peaceful day! (with the exception fo the below incident)

**My son had a meltdown in Target at the end of our afternoon, yesterday. I know it was because he was tired and had a long day, but man was it a doozy! He flipped out because I wouldn’t buy him any toys, and started screaming at me. He said some pretty hateful things which leaves no choice but to discipline right in the middle of the store.

You should have seen some of the hateful looks I got from nearby shoppers. The blessing in that? I grounded him from the Wii for one full week, and he got the concept. After a little smack on the hiney and a talk…he understood he couldn’t play Wii for 7 full days and stopped. I think that’s a pretty big concept to grasp for a 5 year old! So far he’s not even asking for the game. He’s only said, “How many more days left momma? Can you point to the day I can play on the calendar?”

**The second blessing in that is that we had a serious heart to heart after he was through with his time out. And I hope it’s one that will make him think twice about saying hurtful words in anger, as that’s not how we handle things in our home.

**My Lord kept me safe this past week during some visits to some very unsavory places. There wasn’t immediate danger, but the locations where I had to go were not what you would call safe at all. I thank God for His traveling mercies and His protection.

**My husband came home late and a little under pressure from a project he’s working on. The blessing is that it’s not an 1/8 of the stress he was under at his last place of work. What a huge relief knowing that his stress will never be unbearable. We’re blessed that he’s in the perfect place.

**I have an opportunity to take pictures of some cowboys and their horses during a Cutting training. A friend, who does this sport, invited me out so that I can shoot them all (with a camera). These men and women eat, sleep, and breathe this so to have their pictures taken will be money. Since I need that desperately…I’m thankful. My son and husband will get the opportunity to watch them in their glory…and I think they’ll have a great time as well.

**Having faith that God will bless my talents and strengths is a huge blessing. I’m in the midst of some real uncertainty in my life professionally speaking. I left a some what stable sales career, and walked out to nothing. Most would call that stupid. I’m being faithful. I’m going to look for something small to do, a part time job, on the side to give us some help…but I have FAITH that God will bless my efforts.

Blessings are everywhere if you just look for them! I look forward to reading about yours!!! Click here to join this contest!


13 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays Week 2”

  1. What a week! Good luck with all the photography project. Your pictures are wonderful, I see nothing but great success for you. I posted my first FF today. Thanks for putting this challenge out, it was good for me to rethink a few things.

  2. I was truly struck today reading your blessings about how “time-crunch” played such a part. You gave up a job and received the gift of time – I only gave up a non-lucrative website – but the gift felt the same – time is so precious!

    I am again blessed just by reading your blessings – and the more uncertain things may seem to others, that’s exactly when God steps in with His amazing grace!

    What a week for us both! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

  3. I’ve got to say that joining this contest keeps me thinking about the many blessings in my life. But reading your blessings makes me realize that even amidst the things that don’t feel like blessings, there is something. I need to look for the good behind those things. Thanks for showing me this!

  4. Hello, Hello, Glad all is well (except the Target incident – sorry about that).

    Hey, I just remembered. One time I was at the dog park and someone gave me a business card and said if I was interested in the photo of my dog, I could buy it.

    Just a little marketing suggestion.

    Happy Friday!
    Bless you

  5. Thanks for all the uplifting messages today ladies!
    Tara, I ‘m glad you’re willing heart has you excited about the challenge.
    Trysh, God’s gifts even the simple ones are amazing aren’t they?
    Terri, You’re posts are showing me that you’ve got a lot to be thankful for…just keep using your warm heart to be grateful for each blessing & you’ll see them everywhere.
    wfbdoblover…awesome suggestion! I need to do that as well!

  6. I unfortunatley had to keep mine short and swee this week due to inclimate weather. Yours are really good. Doesn’t feel good to not be “owned” by anyone other than your family? I love that feeling when i take time off of work.

  7. I still have “melt downs” occasionally – But mama gets me straightened out – mine doesn’t happen at Target, usually it’s at Lowe’s or Cabela’s when I can’t buy toys.

  8. Thanks Bad Momma. I’ve been swimming up stream most of my life. I wouldn’t know any other way.
    BITR CG…it does feel very free not to be tied as a slave to a company. I’ve never experienced it before and I’m liking it!
    Papa, You’re tying with TT for comic relief this week. LOL.
    Dysfunctional mom…I would love for you to do this. It can be so uplifting, and we all need some of that!

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