Today’s Top Searchs

baby kaleb 6
one leg person 1
strawberry allergies severe vomiting adu 1
smile 1
blessings 1
hurrycan 1
sweet notes for a husband 1
love notes to husbad 1
grandparents love 1
blessing over my business 1

so what’s up with the ‘one leg person’ and ‘hurrycan’ ???


7 thoughts on “Today’s Top Searchs”

  1. Oh, don’t pretend like you’re not always telling those one legged person jokes… you know the ones… Remember?

    “I was SO busy today! How busy were you? I was busier than a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest!”


    (Lame… I know…)

  2. one legged person? What? That is weird but at least it isn’t perverted. I tell you, write one post about sex as exercise and you draw all the freaks. 😉 See you over at Funny Acronym Tuesday.

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