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Faithful Fridays Contest week 1

Life is full of surprises where you least expect them. Even in the midst of choas or when you feel your life is in the toilet, something beautiful can pop up. If you’re a first time reader today, welcome. For those that are here every Friday, you know I am a full believer in finding my blessings through all of life’s ups and downs and while doing so, giving God the glory.

*I felt this pic above was a great symbol to use today and to start my gratitude journal off with. Yes, that’s my old toilet sitting ghetto style in my yard. Although the plumber, put it in our front yard by the trash can for all to drive by and see in in it’s glory, my husband soon moved it behind our privacy fence.

As I wait for big junk day to arrive, I get to walk by it and see how nasty it’s getting from all the grimy rain and how it smells as the heat warms up all those little bacterial germs. I smile knowing I have a brand new toilet inside my bathroom.

And what’s the huge blessing in that? It was free. My parents were kind enough to rescue me from this old one that had been in the house since it was built in the 80’s. So although a new toilet may not be a blessing to some, it sure is to me especially since I haven’t had to pay for it.

The rest of my blessings this week huge and small?

*We got a letter in the mail from VW, which was not a late notice, but a letter stating we’d paid off his car. Hallelujah! That’s a small chunk that doesn’t go to the creditor but back into our bank account.

*We got a letter from his school loan company stating we’d paid off one of his loans, and not instead of 245 a month…we owe 180 a month. We’ll still pay our 270 a month I’ve been sending off to keep paying it down. What a huge blessing to get two letters in one week saying that we’re making progress against our debt.

*We paid off a third bill, and in October a fourth will be paid off. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Praise God for his encouragement to get out of debt. It’s making huge difference in our lives.

*I came home this week to an early Birthday gift, which was one that was designed for the whole family: A Wii. My husband has been working extra jobs to save up for it, and couldn’t wait till my Birthday, Sunday, to give it to me. He wanted to play it so badly himself. And what a blessing it’s been to have fun together with it. We’ve limited our son’s time on it, as we do any media resource and so far so good there too.

*My 15 year old lab, Hershey, is still okay. He’s getting weaker hips and both eyes are cloudy, but he’s happy and healthy so far.

*My last day of work at my j-o-b of three years was Monday, and I’ve had so much peace. Although taking a leap of faith on a new supplemental sales position and starting my own photography business is risky, I know God will hold me up in my efforts.

*I have 3 birthday parties this weekend, and it’s a huge blessing to know how much I’m loved by my family and friends. I got a really sweet card in the mail from my grandmother, who just turned 88, that made me cry. You can see her picture over in my flicker widgets to the right. We’re growing closer and trust me that’s a huge blessing in itself. We’ve not always been so.

*I received some used lighting equipment that will be enough to set me up professionally for $500, and the previous owner said I could pay him off monthly if I needed. What a huge blessing! Now I can go to people’s home, set up a studio environment with backdrops and lights, and take pictures of them in a comfortable environment with no overhead.

*Last but certainly not least, today is JULY 4TH! YAYYYYY! I am so thankful for our country and it’s founding fathers taking the lead in giving us the freedoms we celebrate today.

I hope if you’re reading this you consider taking my blessings challenge. At the end of August, I will announce a winner based not only on their participation, but how many pingbacks and traffic they provide to my page. I want to read your weekly journeys, and in the same token I want you to encourage your readers to start counting their blessings.

The prize/payoff? Your life will change! But also when my book gets released, late fall, I will autograph it and ship it to the winner.


11 thoughts on “Faithful Fridays Contest week 1”

  1. I have a Wii and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We have a 19 year old lab/cocker mix that has just started feeling her age (she doesn’t see or hear very well if at all) with in the last year and the best thing we’ve done to keep her hips in decent shape so she’s still comfortable is put her on Glucosamine and Vitamin E….We have a much happier dog that gets around a whole lot better now.

    I’m glad that there are so many positive things on your blessing list. I tried adding the image for your contest to my blog but it says that the image has been deleted.

    Have a great 4th!


  2. I forgot to mention that I added you to my new blogroll and that I’ve decided that I am going to participate in the challenge.

  3. What awesome blessings! Working in student loans, I know how never-ending those payments can seem.

    I love the toilet. I think you should put it in the front yard and plant petunias in it. That’s a true trailer-trash toilet.

    (I see Jamie had trouble with the button too. I was able to make it work by typing it in character by character. The picture doesn’t show, just a little icon. It links to your blog and not the specific post that I think it’s supposed to go to. )

  4. What a week you’ve had! Talk about blessings pouring out! It is always such a boost for me to come read yours every week!

    Just letting you know I have posted my blessings on my blog – as I have been doing all along – but I still want to be in the contest!!

  5. Okay the picture of the toilet with the flowers in it – just perfect. Until you stated it was yours I thought it was a random image you found. 😛 What an excellent week! Yay!! for so much debt being paid off and getting great deals {or free} on other items that you were in need of. Paying off debt can lifts weight off that often times you don’t notice until it’s gone. Happy early birthday!! I probably won’t be online Sunday. My son’s birthday is the day before yours – a weekend full of celebration! Have fun with the wii – my grandparents have one and Michael kicks my booty at bowling so watch out for your son, he just may kick your booty too.

  6. As always, your post are uplifting and encouraging. We understand getting out of debt. Once it´s done, it´s a huge blessing.
    Have a wonderful 4th.

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