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Woke up

After these all night and morning,

we woke up to a few surprises.
Surprise # 1:

but I chose to focus on Surprise # 2:

Then I called the cops…
This is what I get for living near Hud housing with kids that are out for the summer, roaming neighborhoods looking for trouble.

Our neighborhood gets vandalized weekly and the police are so understaffed that they can’t do anything. So my husband and I have decided to get a infrared camera to post under the eaves of our home, to catch the little buggars who feel they can egg our cars, write bad words or obscene gestures on our driveways, race down our streets/through our yards, and bash and uproot our mailboxes. Maybe then the police can do something.

9 thoughts on “Woke up”

  1. Very interesting on your Iris. Mine have bloomed and are done for the season by a couple of weeks. I’m going to say about 3 weeks.

    As far as your mailbox. I am wondering if you had so much rain that it just came loose on it’s own. That happened here a few weeks ago with some trees. All this damage was after three days and 9 inches of rain.


    Sorry about your night time troubles. Eggs on cars.. yuck. Maybe put some cookies out on a little table for them one night with a note asking them not to damage your house anymore.

  2. wfbdoglover I wish it was just the rain. The whole neighborhood has some randomly bashed or broken mail boxes. We just popped it back in … until next time.

    Wow that picture of your tree damage is amazing! That’s too bad!

  3. Hee hee..they’re gladiolas…but thanks to all that like them. I love my glads…they’re all blooming now in their purples and pinks. I love my garden!

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