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Faithful Friday

Today is a me day. I’m tired after a month’s worth of a lot of crazy stuff going on, and after a full week I’m ready for a me day.


Blessings from the week have been abundant:

*My contract came back in the mail, with my publisher’s signature…so it’s official!

*I ordered a book from them to see the quality of their product, and I’m very pleased with what I see….great graphics on the cover, nice heavy paper, and a very well put together book. I know even more that my upcoming book is in good hands.

*My Gladiola’s (purples and pinks) are blooming all over my garden. I’ve been waiting for almost 2 months for the flowers to sprout out from the leaves. Yay!

*My son’s temper tantrums have settled down some this week. This is a huge blessing in my world.

*My husband’s health is back to normal thank the Lord.

*My Grandmother turns 88 TODAY. She came in town this week and we had a great party with her.

*I’ve got such a wonderful new boss at a new job I took to supplement me in my efforts, while starting up my photography business. He’s a kind and generous person who really cares about every person in his office. What a concept to walk the walk in this area. While most bosses say they do…my new boss proves he does daily. I’ve been very blessed.

Please keep in mind that my contest for Faithful Friday’s starts this coming FRIDAY. I’ve successfully figured out the code to post the button above to your blogs on wordpress.  Use this code:

<a href=””><img border=”5″ alt=”Photobucket” src=””><img /></a></a>

Happy Friday and remember to give thanks to God for all things great and small when you’re blessed.


5 thoughts on “Faithful Friday”

  1. I may do this a little different – I want to emphasis one special blessing – mama. Last night we came home from a “vacation” ( we are retired!) and i have not been feeling well – and went right to bed. Mama unpacked all my stuff and really fussed over me – thank you Jesus for mama.

  2. I read your list of blessings and am, as usual, blessed myself! It continually amazes me that God arranges for the simplest things to be the most incredible wonders in our lives – underlining that all the things we have are from Him!
    I finally got home and posted mine – late, but not too late!

  3. Papa, I hope to tune in on your blog this coming Friday to read all the ways Mama is a blessing! I love that!

    Trish, just read yours. You bless me every week with your Faithful Fridays!

  4. I can’t wait to read your book! I’m so glad your happy with the publisher.

    Flowers are such a joy after a long winter aren’t they? I hope you’ll be showing pictures of yours.

    Happy Birthday to your Grandma!

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