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Soooo today

So today I accomplished some things that made me smile.

  • I sent of my publishing contracts to my new publishing house, and was so tickled.
  • I set a couple appointments for my part time sales job.
  • I ran some overdue errands.
  • And…I just felt at peace with all the change happening in my life.

I know right now my future is not certain, but God’s future for me is. I love that old song that states:

Because He lives I can face tomorrow……Because He lives, all fear is gone…..Because I know…I know … He holds the future….and life is worth the living just because He lives.

Right now my financial status is uncertain but one thing is certain–God is holding me up right where I am and leading me. I feel Him as if He were in the same room with me, and today I’m so grateful just to be right here in the now…uncertainties and all!


9 thoughts on “Soooo today”

  1. TT, overdue errands so suck so I was so happy to get them out of the way.
    Terri, today a friend of mine, who’d not seen me in a while commented at how happy I was…that whatever was going on with me agreed with me. It made me smile.
    Tam, I’m holdin on….and enjoying it all the way.
    Tara, it was very cool. Thanks for your excitement. I’m right there with ya!
    Man…lot’s of T names here.

  2. Adding another “T” name – and so being happy for you! All this going on in your life – don’t ya just feel like you’re teetering on the edge of something really big – just waiting for that last “God-nudge” to plunge you right in the middle of it!

    Happy, happy for you!

  3. YAY for you!

    Lucky for us we sold two cars in two days and paid for our new car out of that AND although my brother n’law’s opening night was cancelled, because the place had been flooded – he and his friends were able to come and spend the night with us. It was a special treat for us!

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