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Bop till you Drop

Sorry Terri. This is not autographed. We went to Rick Springfield last night, and my wonderful husband had arrangements to get us back stage to meet him again. At that point I was going to have him sign this photo, from his concert in 2000.

My hubbie had his position backstage all night, since he did his show from there last night and got the opportunity to introduce Rick on-stage. My sister & I weren’t allowed back until after the concert. Security was heavy as many had tried to jump the barricades to get up close. I don’t get some people, but it was funny watching them try something stupid and then get in trouble for it.

Unfortunately my poor husband quickly came down with some strange stomach problems after eating some food he’d bought. He says his tummy was upset before hand, as he’d not eaten almost all day. I’d given him a sugary frozen lemonade earlier in the evening and he said the sweetness upset his stomach, but I don’t think the lemon ice started his downward spiral. It may have contributed to it, but he had some severe issues.

Scarrily enough, multiple vomiting in-sued and he passed out. He was as white and clammy as I’d seen him last time I had him in the hospital, which gave me the gut feeling that something was more wrong than sugar ripping into him. I hurried passed security, to ask for a medic. No barricade was going to keep me from my man.

It took a few minutes, but the medics arrived… as well as some lookey-loos. What is it about some people, who have to interrupt while someone is obviously sick? And continue to try to talk to them — oblivious to the fact that they’re feeling as if they’re on their death bed?

Seriously…my husband wanted to die on the spot from not only how he was feeling, but the fact that it was in public view….and 2 ditzy blonde girls want to ooh and aah over him? And then have the audacity to ask if my husband can get them backstage to meet Rick?

—>AAAAAh, that would be a BIG FAT NO!!! I had security send them off immediately.

Long story short we were in the emergency room all night and morning, where in my opinion they discharged him too early. IF a man can’t walk and is barely mobile, someone should be wise enough to keep him under observation!! We got home and he continued vomiting until 4 a.m.

I prayed and prayed that God would bless him just enough to keep meds down. Thank God for answered prayers! He’s finally keeping some meds and a little Gatorade down, and is resting comfortably at the moment.

The official diagnosis was the flu. BUT he had no fever or no symptoms prior to the food he ate at the concert. After eating, within 10 minutes he was vomiting. To me, my wife-dar, tells me that it’s food related…especially with all his food allergy history.

Here are some pluses for the day:

*We’re so blessed that he didn’t have any anaphylaxis issues.

*We’re so blessed the my son was at my mom’s, where he stayed the night.

*We’re so blessed my sister and boyfriend were there to help facilitate the operations of getting my poor sick husband into his work truck, so I could drive him out of there.

*I’m blessed by the fact that at the last minute, I rode to the concert with my sister instead of on my own car…that way I didn’t have to factor in an additional car in the scenario of leaving. My husband could have NEVER driven himself, and my car wouldn’t have been in a safe place overnight

Will you all please pray for my hubby? Pray that God gives him is healing peace? Pray that God blesses his stomach and intestines, so that we can keep liquids down him?

Thank you all!

24 thoughts on “Bop till you Drop”

  1. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear of your husband’s illness! I’m hardly an expert, but it sounds like food poisoning to me too.

    I’m glad he’s feeling at least somewhat better, and hope he’s back to 100% very, very soon!

  2. Sorry to hear that your husband is ill. My blessing for you, is it was a good thing you were able to go to the concert so you could be there for him, rather than at home.

    Get well soon hubby!

  3. TElfNinosMom, Thank you so much. I think he also had some heat exhaustion…it was just a combination of a couple of things which unfortunately just tore him apart.
    wfbdoglover, you’re absolutely right! That is a huge blessing!!

  4. I’m so sorry your hubby came down with this. He’s definately in my prayers and I hope he’s feeling better soon. You did a great job of taking care of him and getting him the care he needed. I’m sure he’s very grateful for that!

  5. Brent and Tam, thank you so much for visiting. He finally just got up after 12 hours of sleep. He’s keeping liquids down for now and I feel he’s turned a good corner. His color looks good and he seems to have some strength back…still pretty weak…but better. I’m so thankful for your prayers. God is giving us some peace and healing. Thank you Jesus.

  6. Nope, just corn on the cob! They dipped it in real thick butter sauce. I think that butter may have been thickened with something suspect, and with his severe food allergies….it just set his body off.

  7. I am happy to report that he’s now keeping food down and feeling really well. Now he just needs prayer for energy and rest. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you thank you thank you! You all are so wonderful.

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your husband but I have to say…Rick looks like he was been throwing up or something. He is so pale super skinny. Are you sure your husband isn’t just bolemic?

  9. I know why I am not married (haha besides the obvious)…I never want any girl to call me “hubby”…and I have been called many things!!!

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