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Update for You All…refuse to say Ya’ll!

Even though I live in the heartland of America, I’m not that southern girl who drawls out those annoying words, like ‘ya’ll’ or yonder. How far is over yonder anyway? Random side thought there…

Anyways to get to the point, I wanted to give you all a quick update on my life in the last week and ask those of you, who pray, to do so for me.

* I gave my month’s notice at my job, which I’m in sales. I’ve not had my heart there for a very very long time. It’s a company that got a little too touchy feely new age and started crossing some lines in how they handled us, the employees. I was being told not only how to be in my work, but in my state of mind which they wanted to translate to my role as a mother, wife, sister etc.. I was told that I needed to start feeling how ‘blessed’ I was just to wake up in the morning and be me!
–>Okay first anyone that reads this blog…knows I count my blessings and try not to focus on the negatives in life.
–>Secondly, I feel that only my family should be showing me how to improve on my roles as daughter, sister, mother and child in my personal life. I believe that work should stay at work and home should stay at home for the most part. I know that there are some exceptions from time to time.

I know that my employers had my best interest at heart (I hope), but it was slowing choking the life out of me to constantly have to answer to them about me in my personal life. I felt too many boundaries being crossed.

The above being said, now that I’m quitting my job I won’t have a stable income. Not that I did before as I was on commission.

I’m taking leap of faith and focusing on my photography business, and a separate sales job I’ve taken to help supplement. Sales…ugh! But it’s with a great company, and I enjoy their office environment. That makes a huge difference in productivity.

Please pray for these things. As I promote myself here locally that I will double, even triple, the level of photoshoots I’ve been doing. Pray that my new sales position provides what I need to help make ends meet until my photography gets off the ground. And pray that my hopefully new publisher will hurry up and decide to take my book on. That will mean so much to me to see my baby finally on shelves or at least on Amazon.

Thanks you all. I appreciate each and every one of you who faithfully check my blogs and leave me comments.


12 thoughts on “Update for You All…refuse to say Ya’ll!”

  1. Praying that God will guide you in His path and keep you in His care as you make your transition. What may seem like a difficult situation or decision is usually what is best. Keep us posted on the new job.

  2. yes. i am praying for friend. always. i missed your call this morning. dang it! i hate when that happens. ill call you later 😉

  3. Thanks ladies. You all are such dolls. Terri I’ll keep ya posted when it’s up for sale!
    Tam, I’ll catch up with you soon.
    Wfbdoglover…outdoor mostly. Sports, family photos…
    Canon Rebel xti with the works…lenses and all the stuff!

  4. I am praying that someone will sue the company you work for because any employer that gets into a person’s personal life is at the very least, liable because of the HR limitations of employers and employees. Sounds like they are a “subliminal mind control” group to me. Glad you are getting out and going on with your life.
    I will pray that something really wonderful will be gifted to you from God very soon. Just trust in Him and go forward. Good things happen when we least expect them and you have “angels” out there keeping a vigil on your life and desires so just know that if God be for you, NO MAN can be against you. It’s in the Book!!
    Now, please pray for me for the next few days. I am in one of the saddest times of my entire life because I have to part with my beloved Crystal tomorrow. I keep thinking if it’s time, God will just take her but that’s not going to happen. She’s lost one eye and losing the other to whatever this disease is she seems to have encountered during the past month. One Vet and two Animal Opthalmologists have tried to help her but to no avail. I never knew I could love a little animal as I do Crystal and as beautiful as she still is, she must go be with her maker. God Bless All Animals. They are the profound caregivers of their humans.

  5. I’m taking leap of faith and focusing on my photography business…

    Good for you! Praying. Too many paint brushes and violins gather dust in our attics.

  6. Aunt Kat, I’m soooo sorry that your little baby has to be put to sleep. I wish I could help, and yes I will pray for you.

    Ric, I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for the support.

  7. Sounds like a lovely camera, I have never heard of it.. I so wanted an Nikon D80, but I know they are so expensive. My husband got me a Cannon for christmas, but I’m not that thrilled with it.. I know that the lens is a big deal.. I need to spend more time on that than blogging….

    Lucky you!

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