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Friday’s Blessings are Abound

Some short and sweet blessings this week. It’s flown by as it was a short week following a holiday weekend.

*This past weekend was a huge blessing!
**My mom, sister, and I had pedicures and a girls lunch. We’ve not done that in years. It was so sweet just to have us girls together with no boys to interrupt or compete for time. Plus our toes looked awesome. It came with a leg massage too. Bonus!
**The next day I spent with my in-laws cooking out and swimming. They’re so pleasant to be around and we had such a relaxing day. My son turned so brown. He’s my little mexican jumping bean.
**Monday it was quiet time with my son. We spent the day cleaning before heading to another cookout a friend’s house.

*I heard from the publishing house that asked for my manuscript on Monday. My main contact has been in and out of the hospital over the last couple of months, but is back to work. I’m glad she’s feeling better PLUS she said she enjoyed my work and forwarded it on to her acquisition’s editor for a final approval. I’ll know next week if I’m published. I have faith I will be.

*I found a really good deal through a blogging friend on ordering business cards. So I got my long overdue order done on my cards for my photography business.

*My health took a dip this week, after my son passed on his ‘fifth’s disease’ but I’m fine today. My red blood count dipped and I had powerful bad headache’s and nausea. Now I’m back up and running, and don’t even mind the rash on my arms and back.

*Today is Friday and I have a photoshoot on Sunday! Yah! It’s what I love doing.

I hope you’ve all had a good week. How has God blessed you this week???

PS…thinking of running a contest on my Friday blog. It will include a sweet give-a-way but you’ve got to start bloggin your Friday Blessings and link back to me. I’ll update you this week!


7 thoughts on “Friday’s Blessings are Abound”

  1. What a list of blessings! It just makes my day all over again to read yours, after I’ve posted mine.
    Enjoying all this wonderful, non-humid weather here….what a good week it’s been!

  2. Kim – good weeks are great are they not?! God’s blessings are so wonderful. I also had a great week – mama and I worked as volunteers part of the week to get our church camp up and ready for the summer. Hope the “bugs” are gone. Will be praying about your book. I need to get mine finished and sent off – I am nervous to say the least.

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