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Another Kubasaki Alumni Going Golden

From time to time you’ll hear me spout off about my buddies from Kubasaki, the high school I graduated from in Okinawa, Japan. We were all a different breed as no matter what our class, race, or religion, we were stuck together for better or for worse and made life long friends. All of my military brat friends have gone on to do something really enriching with their lives, making a path to change the world around them. That’s who we are…brats. We see all these different cultures growing up. We recognize all it takes to survive in the best and worst of times. And we start our lives to make a difference around us.

Ron is another one of my alumni success stories. He works side by side with Robert T Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad. He’s traveling the world in speaking engagements sharing his financial plan and wisdom in Europe and all over the U.S. He’s the guy in the video, in the black ball cap. GO RON! I’m so proud of you!


1 thought on “Another Kubasaki Alumni Going Golden”

  1. Nice site. When did you graduate Kubasaki? I lived on island twice once from 66 to 71 when I graduated from KHS (was a Falcon, ie Kadena) then again in 78 through 80 assigned on Kadena to the 25th Tac Ftr Squadron.

    Go back every year to see old and new friends, am a haole but considered by most there to be at least half uchinanchu

    Let me hear from you. What is the full name of the guy in the video? Did he graduate from KHS also? What year

    Do you go to the Alumni boards at all or to the Alumni Site (Official) I am the new Secretary for the Alumni Association and we would love to have you join if not already a member.


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