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Today’s Tornado Alley is on Overdrive

Photobucket I stopped counting at 7 tornado’s today. These severe storms were well out of the danger zone as far as my area was concerned, but the news just announced that the entire west half of the state is now under a severe tornado watch till 1 a.m. tomorrow morning.

At one point near Orlando, Oklahoma (I didn’t even know we had an Orlando in our state) I saw two separate tornado’s on the ground within miles of one another. It was reminiscent of the famous May 3rd storm that hit OKC a few years ago. Thankfully neither funnel lasted on the ground for very long, but the clouds looked so dark and full that I was sure if they’d stayed on the ground…they too would have joined forces and could have done some major damage.

Pray that we’re done for the day, and the rest of our state can breathe easy. They’re still rolling up north, and I hope those dissapate and stay gone for the rest of the night. I pray the rest of the state won’t have to worry about storms in the middle of the night.

Every state has it’s weather calamities…California and earthquakes…Michigan and it’s freezing weather…etc… but it’s days like these that make me focus on reasons why I love living here…because tornado alley in overdrive is one big reason NOT to like it here.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Tornado Alley is on Overdrive”

  1. We must not live too far apart. I’m in Dallas. Do you have a safe room in your home?

    I have lots of family in OK, but I think we’ve talked about that before…SNU…

    Read about your mom’s reaction – that’s terrible! Makes me wonder if this is an intentional thing…?

    Love your Friday posts of counting blessings…

    Have a blessed weekend, good to have time off with the family.

  2. My house does not have one, but I’ve been trying to save back to get a shelter built into my garage.
    I know my mom is having so many little ripple effects from that toxic stuff that got into her system. I wonder if it’ll ever work it’s way out of her body. 😦

  3. i couldn’t live there.
    i couldn’t live there.
    i couldn’t live there.
    no way
    no how.

    now, i’m in massachusetts, and we have snow storms, but people’s houses aren’t ripped to shreds in snowstorms!

  4. I’m glad the storms passed you by. I can’t imagine dealing with tornadoes on a regular basis. We had a tornado watch yesterday, but nothing developed. About 30 miles north of us though, there was a severe storm that caused a lot of damage, a few deaths and many injuries. We were lucky. All we got was a hard rain for about 10 minutes.

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