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Friday’s Weekly Blessings Post

This week was an amazing one indeed. Lots of things I’ve been praying for in triplicate have come to fruition, and God has blessed my family so much. I’m so thankful for the following things:

*Although my mom has had some health issues, which are thankfully running it’s course, it has given me some true quality time with my son this week. I’ve been blessed by his bubbly personality, which has been about 80% of the time. The 20% I’m not even gonna discuss cause this post is about blessings. 🙂

*The weather has been absolutely wonderful this week. 70’s & 80’s with a slight breeze. Slightly overcast at times to provide a very gentle spring week.

*My husband has had a full week of work at his new job. He’s been on the job 7 days and is loving his employer and co-workers. He created a commercial from start to finish and even got to help cast the actors to play in his 60 sec spot. He’s living his dream job and I’m so proud of him. I haven’t seen joy in his eyes like this since our wedding day, and I’m so fulfilled knowing God blessed him with the perfect career move.

*Yesterday my husband & I had lunch together during the work day, for the first time in 3 years! At his old job, he couldn’t take the time. On the first week of his current job, he called and asked me for a lunch date. I am so blessed to have that quality time with my husband…just the two of us…as we don’t get that ever.

*I’ve been hinting for months that I need something to happen financially in my job to be able to take care of my family. The big accounts I needed to sign in order to reach this marquis level, which allow me to sell back my portfolio to my company, sadly haven’t ever come through.

So imagine my surprise this week when my company emails me a congratulatory email saying I’m ‘vested’, which means I’ve reached that big step in my career. NOW I can breathe easy knowing that the portfolio I own can be sold back to the company for a decent amount of coin. With this check I plan on cashing I can pay off most of our debt and pay for a destination wedding in July, that I didn’t think we’d be able to afford. Hallelujah! God pulled through a huge miracle, without those big clients to increase my sales, and I’m not sure how it happened. But I’m not going to question it….I’m vested thank God.

*My mom’s health is getting better. You can scroll down to read how she was poisoned from pj’s that were made in China. Today she’s got a killer migraine, but all the swelling and blotchiness is gone. Her joints don’t ache anymore, and she’s almost back to normal.

*We joined a very nice gym this week to work out as a couple. They have a great kids’ area so that we can go as a family. I know God’s laying this on my heart to improve my quality of health. I’m blessed that we joined for only $50 for both my husband and I a month. That’s very cheap.

*My boss is out of town until Tuesday, so I’m not being text bombarded 10-14 times a day. I’m not being hounded and questioned on a daily basis.

*This is a holiday weekend so PRAISE GOD…I’m off on Monday with my family. Sunday we’re going to my brother-in-law’s to swim and cookout. This is a huge blessing to plan for this. I will prepare deviled eggs and bring my favorite….King’s Hawaiian Bread. Yumm!

There are many more things going well in my life, but I won’t bore you with any more details. I’m just so thankful to revel in God’s blessings. It’s always a good practice to look for the good things, when life is bad. It’s always my philosophy that if you look hard enough you can find positive among the most negative circumstances. HOWEVER this week it’s nice just to enjoy the obvious blessings in my life without having to look for them.

I pray you’re finding blessings in your life this week, whether you have to look for them or not. I pray you find peace in those, and find that they can help you through the rough times in life. Look to God each day to help you recognize His gifts to you. Do this on a more routine basis, and I promise you it can be life changing.


6 thoughts on “Friday’s Weekly Blessings Post”

  1. Just posted my blessings – and then got a whole ‘nother dose by coming to read yours!

    God has really gotten involved in your family and it is so neat to see. I think I needed to see that today….that God cares about the details – even mine!

    Thanks for the weekly lift for my spirits….

  2. Hi. I saw you on blog catalog and thought I would stop by. I always love reading those who take time to “revel in God’s blessings.” Nice to “meet” you.

  3. Thanks Trish, Cindy, and wfbdoglover! I’m so glad you all three stopped by! I think focusing on God’s blessings is the best way to create a positive attitude amongst a bunch of negatives ones out there. I’ve had my share of negative and try not to do it unless I’m just in a horrible funk! Counting my blessings…keeps me from going there to that baaad place!

  4. I needed to read your words this week and for some reason, I got directed to your blog. My attitude lately towards my job, my community, and myself has been so negative lately. Your words truly demonstrate that attitude is everything. Thanks for showing me what’s really important and that when we are grateful for such blessings, they just seem to multiply.

  5. Kate, I’m so glad you came here. Thank you for leaving a comment. It’s so hard to overcome life when it keeps throwing curve balls every step of the way. Counting God’s blessings is the only way I know how to make it through some days. I hope you can start your own way through the bad stuff by reveling in what God has gifted you this week. Journal it or blog it when you get a chance.

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