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Chinamen’s Curse

I just wanted to share a personal story with you all to implore you to please please watch what you buy from China.

My mom wore some new pajama’s that had already been laundered. The next day her body was covered in red puffiness. She told me that it looked like she had a sunburn from her neck down. She initially thought it was a food reaction, but she ate nothing that was suspect.

I told her to check the label of her new pajamas as the redness effected specific areas of her body, that was covered by them. She did…and they read ‘Made in China’.

The next day she went to the doctor because she started puffing up and getting more splotchy. This is after a day of being away from the garment in suspect. He confirmed after seeing her that it was due to the pesticides used on the fabric in her pajamas. She was having a reaction to the poisons used.

Yesterday, day 3, she was so swollen and achy that she couldn’t get rings on her fingers or shoes on her feet. Today, day 4, she’s in so much pain internally that she can’t move or even hold anything in her hands without pain.

The doctor gave her medicines that have helped her but she’s under a careful eye….mine and the doctors. I am writing this to warn you that the ‘Made in China’ info out there is real. China IS STILL using harmful chemicals on and in our products that are shipped to our country and purchased and used in OUR homes.

Please if your label, for any product, reads ‘Made in China’ please don’t buy it. Don’t put clothes on your own back and especially not your children. Don’t do it! It’s not just something you hear about in the news…it’s hitting home!

My mom is having severe medical issues because China isn’t watching or caring how they’re producing their products, and the OUR OWN COUNTRY isn’t protecting us!

14 thoughts on “Chinamen’s Curse”

  1. I am so sorry about your mother. Words can not express how I feel.

    I think China is ruining our country period – so I do not buy anything from that country – unless it is something that we can absolutely can not live without.

    Maybe it was only here in the midwest, but a few years ago there was an article on the lead in the little toys sold in the quarter bins at the local stores.

    As far as pesticides go, we have had a chemical free lawn going on our 8th summer now. I pull our weeds by hand, and we have very few.

    I hope your mother recovers quickly. Have you tried contacting the Sierra Club and see if they are lobbying on this?

  2. Wow that’s awful! Thanks for the warning. After all the toy incidents last winter, I’ve been trying to be a little more careful. There was an internet article about that time about a family who tried to go 12 months without using any products made in China. The mom said it was amazingly difficult. I do not go to dollar stores anymore because of the toys. Unfortunately it means we have to be willing to pay more for things.

  3. how terrible! I’m sorry.

    I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

    why would one need to put pesticide on clothing? I don’t understand that at all!

  4. Thanks for the link Joni! I’ll check it out.

    Tam, her doctor said they put pesticides in the crates of clothing when shipped over to keep pests from eating the fabric or laying eggs in them. YUCK! They’re spraying poison on it, and poisoning us.

  5. Thank you so much for bringing this story to my attention!! I have heard of other dangerous products from over-seas, but never about clothing issues.

    Hello from Speedy 🙂

  6. A similar thing was featured on TV: people were going to doctors with inexplicable, inflammed rashes over their backs. Horrid looking. Finally it was traced back to lounge chairs that were manufactured in China, and that inside (underneath the fabric) were those anti-humidy packets (like the ones you find in shoeboxes).

    Not all anti-humidity chemicals do this, but some companies in China are still using the noxious chemical, which means you have to be careful of stuffed animals, textiles, shoes……..etc. Throwing out the packet just doesn’t work, since it has leeched into whatever it was there to protect. They showed a women with rashes on her feet because the leather of the shoes was affected.

  7. Hey Helen, thanks for posting your comment! Thats some scary stuff. We all should be very careful when buying anything labeled with ‘China’.

  8. I am sorry to hear about your mother, but sadly it doesn’t surprise me. I do everything in my power to not buy Chinese made products. If more people would boycott their products we could reduce our trade deficit, remain a lot healthier, not to mention bring some jobs and industry back to this country. God Bless the United States of America!

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