Wordless Wednesday

Create your own caption below in the comment section!


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Yep, I thought that was you and your hubby too!

    That photo is begging for a caption… my mind, however, is not creative enough to come up with anything.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, captions:

    “Where’s the rest of my Tidy Whities?????????” “There, there dear……”
    “Look over there, a tree I can climb!!!!!!!” “There, there dear……”
    “I told you!!! No drinking out of the hose!!!!!!!” “There, there dear….”
    “What do you mean ‘fetch’????????” “There, there dear………”

  3. Congrats on your deal as far as being published. My girlfriend actually writes short stories and such. She actually was my inspiration to even blog. Maybe you could give us both some advice more for her than me though.

  4. Thank you Chase1978. My advice?? GO & BUY Writers Market 2008 at Borders. Use it to guide you in which pub houses and agencies take submissions and which genres they prefer. It’s a huge help and an eye opener!

    Get your query letter refined and start sending it out to as many as you can. The more NO’s you get…the better b/c that means you’re that much closer to a YES!

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