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Fridays are Full of Blessings 5-9-08

I love to get to a Friday and post all those things that gave me peace through God’s blessings for the week. This week I’ve felt God’s hands on me more than ever before.

Here are a few major blessings:

*At noon today my husband was offered a job that was made for him. God brought him the most tailor made environment, boss, and position than any other out there. He got hired on for the exact number we needed for our family budget, and the benefits will be enough to take care of our needs.

*My mom gave me some flats of flowers, so I could fill in my flower beds in the front of my house. My garden is now full of beautiful flowers and expectant bulbs that are waiting to bloom.

*I consolidated two credit cards to one, and the one we closed had a credit balance due to over-payment. Now they’re sending us a check. I opened the mailbox today and received another unexpected check from a doctor’s office for $30.00 of overpayment as well. This comes at a time of emergency needs for just food and gas, and now I don’t have to worry where the money will come from.

*The weather is gorgeous today, and after spending Wednesday in the closet from tornado threats…I’m blessed not to have to worry about storms. Read about it here.

*My son and husband have had so much bonding time this week. It’s been so pleasant to have my husband back to his normal self again, and my son have his daddy back home.

*I got an unexpected account drop in my lap this week. It was one I called on a month ago that I thought wouldn’t sign and had given up on it. This man called me Tuesday wanting to do business with me. Hallelujah I needed that!

*Another friend of mine who knows our situation called me and told me that she TOLD her husband he was going to sign a payroll deal with me. He was opening a new clinic and she didn’t ask him to…she told him he needed to. So that was another unexpected deal to add to my very large goal this month

I don’t know how I’m going to make my numbers this month, but I know God will bless the fruits of my labor. I’m only 15% to my goal and need a whole lot more to make it happen.

I am so at peace this week and so thankful that God has led us through some pretty tough times to some security. Praise your name Lord.


7 thoughts on “Fridays are Full of Blessings 5-9-08”

  1. Wow! What a joy to read about your hubbie’s job offer – a real answer to prayer that you were so sure of – with reason – God was doing the delivering!

    It always brings me joy to read your blessings after writing mine….such abundant evidence of God working in our lives!

  2. I think about your blessing blog every time something good happens to me! Thank you for posting this weekly.

    First of all, I would like to wish you and everyone else a very Happy Mother’s Day!

    My first blessing is Friday night we watched the 2nd Indiana Jones Movie. My son had already seen the third and we wanted him to see the first. My husband didn’t have it on DVD, and said he has tried getting it at Blockbusters – it never came out. Yesterday, I happen to turn on the TV about 1:00 and was scanning the channels and found the Indian Jones movies were playing all day back to front. I DVR’d the 1st movie that started at 7:30 last night and we were able to watch it. We ordered pizza for dinner and I even bought soda (something very rare). We had a great evening.

    My other blessing is I’ve been looking for a job. It needs to be close to home, not to many hours (already done the 50-60 hour work weeks) and I have a very select field – making it even harder to find. Last Thursday evening, I found something with a local real estate company – another passion/hobby for me. By 6:30 Friday morning, I had a reply from the company. We had a phone interview at 9:15 – after sending some of my samples. I have an in person interview Tuesday at 3:30. The salary range is more than I hoped for. I hope I am able to add this job offer to my blessings here in the next week or so.

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